Of Parallels and Wasted Opportunities

USA, SOUTH BRONX, NEW YORK CITY-AUGUST 1977. Abandoned burnt-out tenement blocks, South Bronx, New York City, USA. (Photo by Alain Le Garsmeur/Getty Images)

Gaza on the Hudson


As some have rightly postulated, most notably and eloquently Andrew C. McCarthy, there are frightening parallels between the international Marxist/Leftist/Progressive movement and “radical” Islam (“radical” in quotes because most adherents to the faith don’t see the butchery being done by other adherents as radical at all). Both are totalitarian and absolutist, relying on both open violence and subterfuge to advance their ultimate aim: the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization and, ultimately, global domination. Per McCarthy’s seminal work, the two have been in fact working together for decades, mimicking a latter day Molotov/Ribbentrop-like pact, though the Leftists who embrace the Islamic radicals the most will no doubt be the first to get their heads chopped off if, Gd forbid, they do capture the world.

In the wake of last Thursday’s assassination of police officers in Dallas, which was in fact a terrorist attack, I saw this piece from Bookwormroom.com, via a pull quote from Ace of Spades HQ:


Black lives don’t matter. How do I know this? Because if black lives really mattered, blacks would stop killing each other. Blacks would stop committing genocide against themselves by aborting more children than they allow to be born.  Blacks would stop consigning generations to poverty by having the majority of their children out-of-wedlock. And blacks would stop treating education as punishment and instead treat it as an opportunity.

Until blacks start changing these pathologies, the whole “Black Lives Matter” movement, with its insistence that everyone has to changeexcept for blacks themselves is nothing more than Progressive kabuki theater aimed at diverting attention from the fact that Democrats are facilitating self-destructive behaviors in the black community and that blacks are using the Democrat propaganda machine as an excuse to avoid the terrible (but not insurmountable) challenges that reallyclaim black lives.

Circling back and drilling down from the Left/Islam parallel, it hit me that there is a striking sub-parallel between Black America since 1965 and the so-called Palestinian “problem.”

  • Both groups have been used by their putative political allies as pawns and weapons with which to attack their enemies, often times by violence.
  • Both groups are kept in a constant state poverty, illiteracy and squalor while their allies indoctrinate them with the lie that they are victims of others’ oppression.
  • Both groups’ leaders/adherents attack any and all efforts to break through this cycle, reserving their most severe retribution for members of their own communities that know better.
  • Both groups’ leaders/adherents do not seek common ground or rapprochement, but seek the destruction of their perceived aggressors.
  • Both groups’ leaders know that if their constituents ever woke up to the fact of all the above, they’d lose all their power, if not their lives.

Whether it’s the Democrat Party and the Leftist elite or the PLO, the UN and the Arab League, it’s the same thing. And when you really think about it, you come away with the incredible sense of loss and waste. Not just in dollars ($20 trillion and counting with the never-ending War on Poverty and Great Society) but in real, human terms.

Can you imagine where we as a nation would be today if instead of 4-5 generations of illiterate, morally bankrupt, violent feral people we had millions of Duke Ellingtons, Barbara Jordans, Clarence Thomas’, Herman Cains, Allen Wests, Ella Fitzgeralds, Jackie Robinsons, Alveda Kings, Janice Rogers Browns, Ben Carsons, Louis Armstrongs, Thomas Sowells, etc.

More importantly, what if they were all like Bill and Lottie Moore? You might ask “who are they?” Bill was the superintendent of the apartment building I lived in as a kid and Lottie was his wife. Both came to Brooklyn from rural North Carolina and me and my family were blessed to know them. They were beautiful people who cared about us and about my elderly grandparents who lived down the block in another building. And although they were not necessarily well off, they were righteous, G-d fearing, moral, decent people and proud Americans. Lottie passed away only a few weeks after Bill retired and then he became ill and died not much long afterwards. I wept. And I weep now at what they went through in their younger days and how the Left is desecrating their memory.

So, beyond the waste of money, the real tragedy is the utter waste of human potential. Not just for denying the nation and the world the people who could potentially cure cancer, invent incredible technologies, start amazing enterprises, give us music and art or even bring about real peace between peoples, but of ordinary folks like Bill and Lottie Moore whose presence touched at least one life and left the world a better place for being there.

That truly is a crime against humanity. And the guilty party is the Democrat Left.

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  1. In a just world, the Democrats would be marched before televised trials by jury to establish the crimes for which they are subsequently punished. Sadly, this is not a just world, and has not been for some time.

    Pray for us all.

  2. Considering the bench is populated by almost 50% of leftist judges, I expect the case to be thrown out and the plaintiff charged with hate crimes.

  3. The lefts entire edifice can be brought down with targeted advertising.The R’s rich enough to do so lack the cajones to do so.

    It’s not much of a paradigm shift to turn the War on Poverty back on the left that consign millions to the welfare plantation and kill millions of their population with taxpayer supported Planned Parenthood and allow drugs the eviscerate the living.

    The R’s really need to get it together or the D’s will exterminate them in due course. It’s really an existential battle.

  4. You need to call it what is is. “Democratic left”? No. It is actually the Racist Progressive Democrat Party. We are not afraid to say ” Islamic terror” why are we afraid to use the term ” Racist Progressive. ” these words should be linked at all times when discussing the former and now operatively defunct Democrat Party.

  5. The Racist Progressive Democrat Party operatives believe the only good black baby is an aborted black baby. Hopefully late term, so the can be auctioned off on parts to ne used in make up and other beauty aids for all of the genetic dead ender feminist elites.

  6. Fascinating that the creator of so-called “critical race theory” believes white people should be exterminated for the good of the world, while one of his most powerful political allies is Planned Parenthood.

    The irony. It burns.

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