Collectivism Is All The Dems Have

But in fairness to them, I guess it sells well.

It is their solution for everything though. More tax dollars, and more government regulation will make us all play nice together and solve the nation’s problems. It’d be incredibly cute in a naïve sort of way, if it weren’t so incredibly scary for its totalitarianism.

After bashing the GOP for having Scott Baio talk, the DNC lined up it’s own list of fairly useless celebrities. Enter Demi Lovato telling her emotional story of bipolar disorder. I’ll give you a HuffPo link warning, but I chose that link for a reason. They paint Lovato’s comments with all the collectivism in it.

I won’t belittle Lovato’s bipolar. Those of us who have experienced family members with it first hand know it’s destructive. But her solution is little more than the democratic meme of “everyone is responsible for everyone.” Which is utter bullshit.

Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you mental health care in this nation is utterly broken. Although I’d probably lay the feet largely at the field of psychiatry, which decided it wanted to abandon holistic care for psychopharmacology. There are other problems as well.

Throwing money at the problem won’t really help. Sure mental health coverage could be better in many places. And I’ll tell you straight up, even with insurance, it’s expensive as hell. But treatment is only one part of the equation. Indeed, it might even be the smaller part. Underplayed in Lovato’s cries for more spending is that she thanked the support she received.

And therein lies the greater part of the mess. I tell you from first, second, and third hand experience, you can throw everything you have at a mental health problem. The best doctors, the best pills, the best anything mean nothing without a decent support group. The support group is who will make sure you’re compliant and adjusting to your meds. The support group is who will help you with your CBT, and who will keep you on track during the bad times and remind you of the good times. Usually the support group is family, sometimes friends. Occasionally caring medical staff. It simply cannot be government or insurers. It requires a personal connection that these groups cannot and should not have.

Democrats want you to believe that an all encompassing government will make the world a better place. It won’t. This is only one place where their reasoning is so visibly wrong as to be openly apparent to anyone with half a brain.

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