Nobody Shamed You, So Stop Whining Like Entitled Millenials…

The charming but thoroughly deluded youngsters over at Marginally Honorable Chairman, in their latest profanity laden but logic-light podcast, ranted and raved about some imagined slight perpetrated on their honor, their independence and their entertainment pleasures by the big fat meanie Ace, at AoSHQ. It’s a hysterical overreaction to several suggestions from Ace (and one suggestion from me) that we should boycott the NFL and some of the other purveyors of popular culture pablum.

Apparently the mere suggestion that we as conservatives should stop supporting the NFL is beyond the pale. Never mind that the league has publicly rejected the revolutionary idea that perhaps the five murdered Dallas police officers be honored by that city’s football team, but Colin Kaepernick should be lauded as a brave man who is speaking truth to power!

Never mind that purchasing that ticket or watching it on TV or at the stadium they are funding the very destruction of the nation that they rail against. And buying those Marvel movie tickets puts money in the pockets of people who work hard to destroy everything they hold dear.

Their specious claim that by disengaging they lose their voice is absolutely ridiculous. Their voice is in their wallets. Any other interpretation is childish and naive. And it is ignorant and dangerous to pretend that just because they don’t want to politicize huge swaths of American culture, that others feel the same way. The NFL is tightly linked to the SJW movement, to Democrat politics and goals, and support of the NFL is support of those goals. Everything they do is viewed through the lens of political expediency and political correctness.

Oh…it gets better. Our suggestions that withholding some of our hard-earned cash from the NFL is akin to Black Lives Matter. No, really! One of these foul-mouthed wretches made the connection. Wow.

No one is shaming anyone or damning anyone for not “obeying” orders to “boycott or else.” People are free to do as they wish, but by stating that patronizing Hollywood and Big Sports is in fact funding the very destruction we rail against is some sort of personal attack on one’s freedom to choose is risible at best, and at worst, distorting our position and putting words in our mouths. And that is unacceptable.

But listen to the podcast…at least the parts where they are completely unhinged and misinterpreting pretty much everything that Ace (and I) have said.


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  1. No, this isn’t right either. Saying I’m contributing to the downfall of society by watching a Marvel movie isn’t exactly a “mere suggestion” that I boycott something. It’s pretty clearly trying to set up a moral imperative to do so (which then follows that my failure to follow that imperative is shameful.)

    And that’s the kindest form of it, lots of people running around the comments are blatantly calling people who aren’t engaging in the “boycotts” (such that they are) bad people or “not conservative” (which is a direct assault personal pride ’round these parts.)

    If it so follows as you have written, then what the left said about Chick-fil-a must also be true, after all, every sandwich from there puts money in the Cathy’s pockets. And everything said about the Kochs, etc.
    Hell, my local homebrew shop seems to be run buy a bunch of hipsters who are probably politically opposite to me, I guess I need to stop brewing beer lest I accidently fund hipsterism!

    I’m not sure what the answer is to get the NFL to go back to football is. But telling people who like football they need to stop watching it probably isn’t going to get us anywhere.

    That of course is the real problem, we’re all so busy at each other’s throats, we can’t even figure out how to proceed.

  2. The fact that the entertainment industry and now pro sports are ramming ideology down our throats on a constant basis is incontestable.

    Stating that perhaps we should deny them the money that keeps them solvent is both reasonable and rational. Those who take that as a personal attack have the problem; not we who point out the obvious.

    If you want to watch the NFL where Kapernick defecates on America and lies about its past vis a vis black US history, or buy a Springsteen album or go to a Matt Damon movie, or sit idly by as males, caucasians, blue collar people and Christians are mocked and satirized, no one is stopping you or even saying you’re a Quisling.

    But then don’t come here to bitch about how Hollywood, sports and media in general are destroying our country and culture. That’s just insane, and unwelcome.

    NOTE: By “you” I mean the royal you and no one in particular.

  3. I plead guilty to the charge that I accused you of contributing to the downfall of American exceptionalism and civilization by watching that Marvel movie with your child.

    But that is not a moral judgement, it is an elucidation of the facts. Part of a boycott is education. Most people simply don’t consider what their money supports, and would rather just go to the ball game or the movie and not think about it much.

    And I am as guilty as the next guy; I do that ALL THE TIME! But when the NFL insists that their piss in my face is rain, I draw the line.

    Do what you want, but don’t pretend that it is without consequences.

    To get personal, I am confident that you are a conservative. I am confident that Alex and Cochran (the podcast voices) are conservatives. That doesn’t mean that I can’t suggest that they boycott the NFL.

    And the reduction of my argument to the point of absurdity by suggesting that a coherent application of the policy would require boycotting everyone flies in the face of what has been written.

    I am not suggesting that you boycott your local brewer or bakery or gay dog walking service. I am suggesting that you boycott the face of progressive control of the narrative.

    And that is the NFL

  4. Firstly, as far as the NFL shitting in one’s face, I think the guy from STL has the market cornered on complaining about that. I mean FFS, they intentionally sabotaged the team to poison the market to move.
    But as things go, I’m still not 100% sure it’s as disastrous as we all seem to act. Yes the NFL is acting like douchenozzels now. They’re doing it because ostensibly they think it’s in their best profit interest. But how much has the NFL actually shifted public opinion in the last 30 years?

    Hollywood is a bit of a different case I suppose because their ability to shape culture is tied up in the fact they actually create it. But even so, individual stuff rises and falls based on how it’s done not whole companies.
    Yes, TBS will continue to pump money at Samantha Bee for another year or two, but given her inability to break 700k viewers on even a semi-regular basis, they’ll dump her and a total boycott of everything tangentially related to TBS or it’s parent companies isn’t necessary.

  5. The only way to stop any of this in your face leftist indoctrination is through the power of the purse.

    But I’m not sure even that will work. The MSM may be about to go down in flames, but they sure aren’t recanting. My hometown rag appears to be on plasma, but their seeming answer has been to go full sjw. A recent editorial was labeled as being included to present “a conservative point of view”. Wow, thanks guys, for acknowledging we exist (kind of like Ruprecht in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels). BTW it was entitled “The GOP has become a pity party of white males”.

    I loathe and despise Kaepernick with every fiber of my being, but acknowledge that although he gets the admiration in the newsrooms and from fellow “warriors for truth” and attention seekers, I suspect his life has not gotten better or easier. But he’s not shrinking back.

    I appreciate what the Cowboys tried to do. But wouldn’t it have been nice if say, Jerry Jones (I have no idea what his politics are) had said, “Screw you, NFL, we’re wearing those pro police emblems. And we’re wearing them all season and we’ll keep paying the fines because it’s the right thing to do. What are you going to do, take our football and go home? Good luck with that.” But they complied and I have heard nothing since.

    Not blaming them. At least they made a gesture in the right direction. But face it, we’re in a war. The left is fully committed and plays the long game to win. All the time. We’re too busy raising families, working, and trying to grab a little leisure time by enjoying an NFL game, or whatever.

    Full disclosure. Have not watched an NFL game yet even though the Eagles are on a near miraculous roll. No big deal, though. I’m not a superfan anyway, and think as the weather worsens and teams heat up, my resolve will weaken. And I do watch highlights here and there and listen to the Eagles post game show. And I watch the Phillies even though I know in my heart of hearts that MLB will become politicized also.

  6. It is the left that is ruining these things we love not those calling for boycott.I think it is the sense of helplessness over this that makes people lash out.I loved football,it was an escape from all the shit.Now there is no escape.The SJW shit has trickled down to college and even HS athletics.Economic pressure is our only defense.Sadly ,even losing money doesn’t seem to stop them(Hollywood,for instance,continues to churn out box office losers that push leftist themes)

  7. “But wouldn’t it have been nice if say, Jerry Jones (I have no idea what his politics are) had said, “Screw you, NFL, we’re wearing those pro police emblems.”


    And even the mavericks in our culture have been beaten down by the unrelenting pressure from the Left/SJW/BLM cabal.


  8. Stop feeding the beast. If you do so, it will learn accountability, a valuable lesson.
    The More You Know. (Rainbow.)

  9. In my particular case, I’m stuck on the horns of a dilemma.

    It is indisputable that even the most philosophically agreeable content eventually winds up financing the stuff used to constantly bludgeon us.

    (Damned if I do…)

    On the other hand, as some of you know, fate’s left to me the care of my elderly father, whose primary stimulation during the day is television. Granted usually older “classic” fare, but…

    (…damned if I don’t.)

    I am tired of being wrong no matter what I choose.

    Or rather, I’m tired of being told any choice I make is wrong, by the same or different people.

    I have a dislike of zampolits or Grand Inquisitors. I loathe the occasions I have to act in that regard. It is utterly against my nature and philosophical beliefs.

    While I respect what has been laid out and acknowledge the truth it has to it, I resent quite strongly being effectively stuck in a corner–not just for what I choose for myself, but for what I must sometimes do on behalf of others.

    This is where the reaction comes from. Perhaps this should be more closely considered…?

  10. Where is Rick Monday when we need him?

    For non sports fans, Rick Monday was a professional baseball player who intercepted an idiot fan who ran on the field during a game and kept him from burning an American flag.

    I remember Reggie Jackson saying that even Rick Monday’s name made you think of amber waves of grain.

  11. You are aware that your involvement in the politico-entertainment complex (new phrase…do you like it?) funds the beast.

    At least your choice is informed, rather than some pie-in-the-sky wish that not everything be politicized.

    I disagree with you, but I certainly respect your point.

  12. Wow, lots of histrionics over a simple suggested course of action.

    There are a couple of inarguable facts here: that the NFL and Hollywood are adopting the SJW line and rejecting pro-American lines; and that by patronizing them, you provide them financial support to continue their nonsense.

    That’s it. There is no rational argument against that, and it’s the heart of the boycott the nascent boycott the NFL movement. Now, people who really really like their football and comic book movies might not like that choice, but having someone point it out to you and suggest that you might stop is hardly beyond the pale.

    Tsrblke erroneously states that “we” can’t seem to figure out how to proceed, when part of that “we” equation has quite emphatically stated a clear course of action. Also, the question is not “how much has the NFL shifted public opinion in the last 30 years”, but ‘how often the NFL has been in the business of shifting public opinion in the past thirty years?’ or, ‘is it shifting public opinion now?’ Even better, how many more avenues will the Left create/infiltrate so that they can continue shifting public opinion? (Answer to the last: all of them)

    That last question is the reality we face. The conservative world (whatever that is) is great at identifying the problem and determining abstract solutions, but putting them into practice? No so much.

    How many times do we send people to DC to cut, or even halt spending? How many of them pledge to do it? And then when they get there, we all know what happens. How many conservatives can get on board with recognizing the massive culture war the Left is waging, but then recoil at the idea of letting it go?

    That’s what happens when you bump into people’s self-interest, no matter how logical and clear-headed your diagnoses and proposed remedies. You get emotional and muddy-headed reactions.

    The Left may be emotional and muddy-headed creatures, but they do whatever they have to to achieve their goals. It’s how we go from a 20 year fight over gay marriage, to transgender bathroom mandates about a year afterwards.

    If you’re just going to passively let the market decide for you, while the Left actively and aggressively fights against you, you’ll continue to lose.

  13. Part of the problem is that there is no “alternative good” being offered in exchange. Without that we’re effectively being required to behave like cloistered monks. That’s all nice and fine if you want to live that way (and honestly, if it weren’t for my filial obligations it would be very appealing), but that’s a hell of a lot to ask of people in general.

    You will have far more success in starving the beast if you offer them an alternative that gives them what they want without the side effect of funding those who hate them. That’s economics and human nature speaking.

  14. The problem with starving the beast economically is that the Left will turn to other means of finance. Should the NFL’s coffers be drained to a dangerous degree, the Left will say 1) that rich progressives should fund it to continue its pioneering work, or 2) the government must keep it going (via tax increases).

    After all, there are always going to be rich Leftists either too stupid (Ted Turner) or too evil (George Soros) to know better.

    I can’t think of a Leftist institution that has gone out of business in the past few years. Even Newsweek, sold for a dollar to some senator’s husband (if I recall correctly) is still in business.

  15. In the case of the NFL, the Left seems determined to destroy it, as any show of masculinity and strength is considered scary and “toxic” these days. Just as they are trying to destroy the integrity and strength of the military by making it about transgenders and guys wearing high heels. Will a few brave souls in the US military trying to uphold what the US armed forces used to stand for, change anything? Sadly, probably not, since the rot starts at the top. Do we let the NFL and Hollywood continue to have massive influence while trying to change the culture via grassroots means? I think boycotting the NFL, ESPN, Hollywood, and Target, is a way of telling those at the top, “We see what you’re trying to sell, and we’re not buying.”

  16. BC, That’s the thing, no one is “requiring” you to do anything. The argument is only that ‘If you continue to patronize the Leftist agenda, you continue to enable them’. I don’t like that any more than you do, but it’s no less true.

    As for alternatives, I’m on board with that in the abstract, but until such time as a viable alternative presents itself, we’re stuck with this choice.

  17. FWIW, I don’t think the “NFL” is the left’s agenda. They’ve hijacked it because it’s large and has money. The question is how do we hijack it back.

  18. As far as alternatives, the Gamergate episode suggests that there is another way of entertaining yourself while sitting on your ass in front of a screen that does not involve capitulating to the SJWs or putting money into their pockets.

  19. Boycotting the NFL is fine and dandy. I have been for decades. But boycotting the advertisers and sponsors is where it will hurt the NFL. Let those corporate giants know, let the few small business commercial buyers know and cease to spend money.

    Of course the SJW of the CEOs may not change no matter what the pain. Look, Target has taken a $13+ billion market cap hit and they are not veering. However, you will know that your money goes not to support what is wrong.

    Also, A concerted push to have a la carte channel purchasing on cable will kill the Hollywood/SJW/Fascist Democrat entertainment complex. It will put consumers in charge again.

  20. “Of course the SJW of the CEOs may not change no matter what the pain. Look, Target has taken a $13+ billion market cap hit and they are not veering”

    Fully agree, as per my comments above about the doubling down of my dying local paper.

    It is three things – the long game, commitment, and money. The msm NEVER backs off an inch even though they are struggling to survive. Every. single. Democrat. voted for Obamacare even though they were widely perceived as being like lemmings going off the cliffs at the time.

    The left are like the mosquitos who whine in your ear while you slap at them, and eventually get you and draw blood. Our side is simply not that relentless. You may swat that one mosquito, but another one will take its place.

    As to money, sure, there are some deep pocketed Republicans, but I would argue that they seem to be more committed to establishment/donor causes and issues than to furthering a political or moral philosophy.

    Do we have anyone or our side remotely equivalent to George Soros who puts his dollars directly into destroying any vestiges of our culture? Who has been doing it 24/7/365 for years at his level?

  21. “Part of the problem is that there is no “alternative good” being offered in exchange.”

    Make your own alternatives. I stay out longer with the Beagles on Sunday afternoons. Go shoot baskets or play Halo with the kid. Head over to the Library for the new books. Buy a couple bags of carrots at Kroger and find some horses to treat.

    I could go on, but I’ll end with: I’ve written the program directors at my local affiliates and told them that I am no longer patronizing them and why and I’m now writing their advertisers and telling them why. Mouse biting and elephant, but when it becomes a couple of million mice…

  22. As for the NFL, one should boycott them on general principles because of the billionaire owners’ ongoing shakedowns of host cities.

    NBA is.heading the way of the NFL. The Warriors’ owner agitated for isolating and targeting North Carolina over the bathroom issue, and ESPN always has a mic in Lebron’s face over pretty much any issue.

    Hockey gets it, though — the Dallas Stars’ home opener they had the fallen officers’ families out on the ice and individual black-banded badges on the players’ helmets.

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