A Complete Lowlife. And Then There’s Trump.

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Let me state this right off the bat. What Donald Trump said 11 years ago is completely disgusting and beneath the pale. As a Ted Cruz supporter, and also given the fact that Mike Pence is Trump’s running mate, the whole thing is made exponentially more painful to have to endure. But let’s step back, take a deep breath and consider the whole picture.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are our candidates. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are the enemy. The word “enemy” is not hyperbole; the most dangerous, destructive force ever unleashed upon our nation since its inception has been the Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are now at the sharp end of the spear. Revolting as what was revealed on Friday about Trump, let me state this categorically, emphatically and unwaveringly:

There is no way that Trump’s comments will change my mind in supporting and actively pulling the lever for him. To allow Hillary Clinton to win the election is to actively participate in and approve of the destruction of this nation. Period. Full stop.

While his statement a few months back (paraphrasing) “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any support” made me cringe, I have to say that as of right now, given what’s at stake, I cannot disagree with it.

Lest we forget, the media is a willing appendage of the Democrat-Leftist-Big Government regime. They obviously had this footage of Trump for months if not years; they could have released it during the primaries yet waited until a Friday, two days before a crucial debate. Plus, this footage was surreptitiously recorded without Mr. Trump’s knowledge. Compare and contrast with the Planned Parenthood body parts exposé, all but ignored by the media except to damn the reporters for their work and who now face prosecution; Billy Bush is, of course, an intrepid hero.

Carville dragged a lot of dollar bills through trailer parks, right?

Broaddrick, Flowers, Willey, Jones


More importantly, for over 30 years, the media have obfuscated or ignored the rape, sexual assaults and abuse inflicted by Bill Clinton upon at least a dozen (that we know of) of women – one a twenty-year old intern in the Oval Office which led to his impeachment and disbarring – and the threats and character assassination inflicted upon all of them by Hillary Clinton, the putative champion of women’s rights and dignity. And that doesn’t even include the massive thievery, corruption, influence peddling, incompetence, virtually treasonous behavior and an abject, naked lust for power that defines this woman and her sham husband’s existence.

And now, the second presidential debate looms even larger; trying to defend oneself from two willing hack propagandists (Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper) as well as Clinton, and having a crashing, great ego that prevents him from properly preparing may very well be an insurmountable task. But, Trump has no choice. He will have to somehow come out swinging against Hillary, her beard/sham husband and completely scorch the media.

I don’t think the leaked comments will hurt his diehard supporters, nor those like me who see the danger in allowing Clinton to be elected. But with four weeks left and a race essentially tied, the only thing that can stop Trump is Trump. After surviving 18 months of other foot-in-mouth moments, will this one finally be the one to have an affect or is he wearing a Teflon toupee? The polling will be interesting to say the least, but it may be nigh impossible to see which affects him more, negative or positive – his performance or his 2005 remarks.

From day one up to November 8th, there has only been one thing that can defeat Donald Trump. And that is Donald Trump. But in the immortal words of the late Andrew Breitbart, “Fuck you. WAR.” I hope Trump takes that to heart.


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  1. I would argue against your categorization of Trump’s words as “beneath the pale.”

    They are words. Nothing more. Are they unpleasant? Impolite? Childish? Crude? Of course. But they simply do not rise to the level of rape, or even Hillary’s laughing about rape.

    We need to focus on actions and results, not politically expedient words.

    Hillary can’t talk like a $100 whore, but doesn’t have the morals to match.

    That’s what’s important to me.

  2. Well, there’s beneath the pale and then there’s rape, assault, menacing, thievery, goniffing and treason.

    But, why quibble?

  3. I thought Tony Perkins had the best response: my support for trump was never based on our shared personal values. Exactly.

  4. And also as a woman I ask, did anyone out there think trump didn’t talk that way about women? So he sees women as sexual objects? Mercy me. Fetch me the smelling salts. What is disgusting is the way many republicans are reacting to this like a bunch of idiotic prigs. Using this to bail. Cowards.

  5. Trump is a crude, sexist pig. This has been known and should not be a shock to anyone. He is not, however, a rapist like Bill or someone who enabled and condoned rape like Hillary.

    I still won’t vote for him or Hillary because they are both progressive liberals and will both be disastrous for this country… but Hillary’s people have no shame at all that they would try THIS attack given Bill’s past.

    PS… as a woman, sexist words do not make me reach for the smelling salts. I am way more offended by actual rape.

  6. Your assessment is incorrect. Trump indeed is a liberal. But he is not an anti-American, power-mad Marxist. She will go after our guns, our speech and what’s left of our property while leaving us open to invasion and/or attack.

    Trump is not going to reverse the 100 year counterrevolution. But the alternative is unthinkable. You should reconsider.

  7. iirc re: Trump’s 5th ave comment, what he said was “They said I could shoot someone on 5th ave….”

    He was relaying what the media was saying about him and his supporters.

  8. It is one thing to point out what Clinton did but it is another (and the main issue for me) to say that he is the most loved, endeared and popular Democrat amongst the Left and the media.

    If what Trump did was bad, and it was, then the media should have built a gibbet (metaphorically) for Clinton decades ago. He should have been banished from the world of politics and media instead he is a hero.

  9. I’m with J.J. on this. The lesson of this election is that we need time, because we’re never going to win with the Republican Party, and have to hit the ground running in order to get something else off the ground in time for the next election.

    If Trump gets in, the way the Vichy Republicans and most Democrats hate him, he’ll be a lame duck from day one. The Progressive agenda grinds to a halt for 4 years, and the game goes into overtime.

    If Hillary gets in, there will never be another election that matters. In as long as it takes for tens of millions of illegals from primarily socialist nations to run down the “Pathway to Citizenship”, every purple state turns blue and every pink state turns purple.

  10. I stand corrected. Serves me right for not digging into that one more thoroughly to get past the obfuscation.

    That said, even if he actually did say it as I quoted him, I’d still vote for him.

  11. His comments were recorded without his knowledge.
    In my world, that was humor, not serious talk about the other sex. You see, my world is construction, the rough and tumble blue collar life that built and builds this country. It is painful, dirty, physical, life threatening, not appreciated but needed. Sounded to me like he was in a construction trailer drinking Hennessy with the roddman after a hard Friday concrete pour. The elite won’t get it, some professionals may but won’t admit it. Those words were clearly not for public consumption, but he wasn’t in public was he.

  12. “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

    – – Lyndon Bains Johnson, 36th President of the United States of America

  13. Still not voting Hillary. Lol. There. Is. no. Other. Option.

    Who does this affect? Are there really indies who have gotten vapors over Trump’s rich dude boasting?

    This election is hyper-polarized. Nothing will draw the hag’s voter away from her (Benghazi, anyone?). Trump’s voter loathe Hillary and his childish mouth ain’t gonna make her a more viable option.

    The only people for whom the needle can still be moved are the LIV who might start paying attention around November 1st

  14. I think everyone recognizes the double standard here between how the accusations against Bill Clinton were handled by the media and the uproar over this tape. Yes it’s unfair. The problem is, that’s a losing argument for Trump to make. He’s not running against Bill, for starters, and bringing his crap up runs the risk of making Hillary into a sympathetic figure. You can bet she has a focus grouped answer ready to go tonight if indeed Trump brings that up to do exactly that. And I bet he doesn’t have a well thought out response, likely turning tonight into a disaster for him.

    Secondly, the argument is a loser from the start. Because of Trump, we cannot say ‘look at how Bill/Hillary treated accusers’…instead, it’s ‘Bill Clinton did worse’. At that point you’re getting into the weeds of Trump just saying something (but admitting he DID stuff while doing so) versus what Bill was accused of/did, and the focus is completely off of Hillary and why she is wrong for the country.

    I do agree the comments won’t hurt him among his supporters, because his boorishness is baked in. But this is among the myriad of other reasons I cannot vote for him. I do not want conservatism/Republicanism defined by this progressive who brags about basically committing sexual assault, who’s an admitted cheat himself, who’s too damn close to Putin and authoritarianism in general. A lot of his support is because he has no allegiance to the party elite, but he also has no allegiance to principle or ideology. Why trust someone like that any more than Clinton?

  15. Let’s be clear. Hillary will destroy this country. The ground beneath your feet is already unstable from 8 years of Obama. And she’s an even worse Alinsky pupil.

    While you’re waiting for a principled conservative to vote for, the country will burn. She’s that bad. The media no longer cares if you know they are 100% prog defenders. The FBI is bought and paid for. The DOJ is a pocket tool. Obama set the ‘executive order’ bar and Hillary will make him look like a loser with a bic. And no one will stop her. You think the GOPe is really trying to curb their destruction after what you’ve seen so far?

    We will not survive Clinton. But please, keep waiting for a principled conservative to somehow slip past the front gate guard.

    You have to vote for Trump. You simply cannot hand this election to her. The consequences of that are too great.

  16. Perhaps this is an appropriate place for me to first put this (and yes, context matters most):

    1. I have no faith nor belief that Trump will do the things he says he wants to do.

    2. I have full faith and belief that Clinton will do the things she says she want to do.

    3. I have full faith and belief that Trump will be opposed every step of the way by the media and congress.

    4. I have full faith and belief that Clinton will be supported every step of the way by the media and congress (who may feign opposition).

    To me, the choice is clear…

  17. Well, we are about to embark on a great social experiment, called an election, that will challenge veracity of what you think.

    Be prepared to be full of regret and disapointment. But, that is what life is like most of the time.

    Electing Donald Trump will be a big disappointment for most of us. Electing Hillary Clinton will likely be a very big disappointment, in a lot more ways. It will be in many ways like the Obama years, but worse, and the Media will cover for her and not ask critical questions about what her administration is doing. The criminal enablers in the State Dept. that helped her break the law and compromise national security will also likely be some of her closest advisers as President.

    Your vote is your own. Use it wisely.

  18. juvenile behavior, locker room boosting. there is not a male alive, regardless of sexual orientation, who hasn’t either had the same type thoughts and/or verbally expressed them. ever.

  19. Two thoughts.

    (1) The way I see it is that no matter how you slice it, this “scandal”, conveniently leaked just before a debate by “the deciders”, puts Trump on the defense.

    He was planning to come out swinging; this makes that tactic much harder and less credible. And all Hilary has to do is say she really doesn’t want to dignify his boorish remarks with a response, the American voters are smart enough to decide what this says about him, she just wants to talk about “the issues”, etc., etc.

    (2) I know he said it years ago. But he needs every single vote he can get. For anyone on the fence at all, this gives them the excuse they need to jump ship (see John McCain). It will be the straw that broke the camel’s back for some.

    For my part, I would love to once be able to accentuate the positive about Mr. Trump to the people I speak with, as opposed to arguing that Hilary is so much worse. But the hits just keep coming. I detest Hilary and would not vote for her if you staked me to an anthill. But I grow weary of Trump’s problems. To quote the Lightworker, “Well played, Mr. Trump”

  20. Yea, I love how when Clinton was getting blowjobs by interns in the Oval Office, the Dems insisted it was “just sex” and therefore of no significance and zero importance.

    But when the Republican presidential candidate merely SAYS what any red-blooded hetero male thinks every minute of his daily existence, it’s suddenly a Major Issue.

  21. Hope he torches everything; the media & both parties.

    Considering this is a red line for the GOP in unacceptable behavior, I’d totally bring up Foley & Hastert.

    For the Democrats, their long history is ripe to be burned on a national stage. Wouldn’t even need to far that far back to ruin Hillary & Obama.

    Media has been complicit for the Dems longer than I’ve been alive.

    Black Pit of Nothingness 2016

  22. A great post, J. J.

    The Trump turnout is going to be stunning. The MSM lives in its own bubble and they haven’t got a clue as to the effect this sex talk tape will have on working Americans. They didn’t learn from the 2010 elections, they didn’t learn from the 2014 elections.

    Good people will go to the polls with hardened hearts. I’ve seen the resolve in the faces of the people, men and women, that I’ve met in the last few weeks and nothing short of galactic catastrophe will stop them from voting for their country.

  23. After much research, Christopher Hitchens concluded that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick.

    A chapter in Hitchens’ book NO ONE LEFT TO LIE TO is titled IS THERE A RAPIST IN THE OVAL OFFICE?

    He concludes the chapter this way:

    “What are the chances that three socially and personally respectable women, all three of them political supporters of Mr. Clinton and none of them known to each other, would confect or invent almost identical experience which they did not desire to make public. And how possible would it be for a network of anti-Clinton rumor-mongers to create, let alone ventilate, such a coincidence? The odds that any of these ladies is lying seem to me to approach zero; their reasons for reticence are all perfectly intelligible.”

    After enabling her husband for decades and attacking the women he abused, Hillary is just as guilty as he is.

  24. Yes, that’s exactly my thinking. If we must have an unprincipled progressive tyrant in the White House, let it be the tyrant who will be thwarted at every step by the media and both parties in Congress.

  25. what a load of pearl-clutching! (and no “trigger warnings!”


    how about the most important point only BRIEFLY touched on during the campaign:

    DJT will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will uphold the US Constitution!

    how amazing is THAT?

  26. For some reason, I can’t reply to J.J. Sefton below but I can reply to you.

    The quote from LBJ is interesting (and well known), but LBJ was a political figure when he said those words. T-rump was still a more-or-less private citizen (certainly not an elected official nor thinking of being one) when he uttered his.

    We also have ~150 years to see if LBJ was correct. He had done a good job of projecting the majority of the African-American vote at the time, despite his use of the N-word.

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