“Choose The Form Of Your Destroyer”

So it’s finally here, the end to this shitty ass cycle. Consider this the clip show version of a blog post to fill the day.

Honestly, I have no predictions, other than I think Blunt holds his seat in my home state. Past that, this is like nothing I’ve seen in my short time on earth so I can’t extrapolate. My gut says Trump’s path is just too narrow, he has to hit everything perfect and that just ain’t his style. I suppose we’ll see how much GOTV really matters at least.

No matter who wins though, it will be rough going for conservatives. Neither candidate is particularly hot on conservative ideals. The GOP is a broken party right now, and I do wonder how it will rebuild (if at all).

Ultimately we need to remember, conservatism isn’t merely a political platform as much as it is a state of living.¬†Amongst this ruin it is important that those of us who believe that “the government that governs best is the one that governs least” continue to live out that philosophy. Continue to talk to each other, and at least try to find some common ground going forward.

I have, in the past, written about how far I’ll stretch to vote for a particular candidate, I don’t think my thoughts have changed there, take what you will from that. But it brings to mind a different point. For the past few cycles we seem to be choosing a candidate who meets the demands of one faction of the GOP and demanding the rest bend to the will of that faction and get in line to vote. It has given us 2 cycles of Obama, and likely at least¬†1 of Hillary.

Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion here, we start looking for a candidate who at least has some position that the large swath of the base agrees upon, and work outward from there, rather than the other way around.