And So It Begins: The Great Unknown–How Will Donald Trump Govern?

trumpwallAnd aside from two issues….I don’t much care (for now).

I want a goddamned wall built and our immigration laws forcefully enforced. I want national carry permits. Everything else will follow if he does these two things. If not, then the only positive to come out of the election is that the drunken kleptocrat with neurological issues is not the president, and I am happy with that result.

Okay…I lied. What I am most concerned with is the leviathan of the Republican Party exerting control over the Trump administration by inserting their lackeys into positions of power and control. We will soon see whether Donald Trump pays attention to the party that tried its hardest to throw him off the ticket. If his cabinet appointments are the usual suspects of establishment cronies and lick-spittle careerists, then we need to prepare to be disappointed.

But if he chooses a few firebrands — Giuliani and Bolton come to mind — then I will be cautiously optimistic that real change can come of this election.

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  2. CBD: Did you know this? — the “one-time” Obama stimulus has been re-spent EVERY YEAR since it was authorized, in 2009?

    Because of baseline budgeting, this huge “stimulus” of $986 billion is RE-AUTHORIZED every damn year — in other words, it’s now part of the Continuing Resolution boondoggle, and the Number One reason why Congress won’t pass a new budget: in fact, NOT ONE budget has been passed since Pres. Obama took office!

    And you won’t believe what they’re spending that annual extra TRILLION dollars on: Obama has control over that Trillion Dollars of our money, and divvies it up as he pleases, and it has gone to No “shovel-ready jobs.”

    This needs to be “noised abroad.” To everyone in this country.

  3. Trump has talked about knocking down the $19 trillion deficit, which he has said is outrageous: well, this 20% surcharge on our 2008 budget total, re-spent every year! is the bulk of the $9 trillion excess debt the jackass in the White House has amassed.


  4. Unreal…indeed!

    I will take Trump’s business acumen, even his serial bankruptcies. He can’t be any worse than our current crop of spendthrifts….

  5. Build the wall. If he does that, he will not believe the amount of political capital and good will he creates among a huge block of the voting populace. The left will hissy fit unceasingly, but they are showing they will do that no matter what he does.

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