Trigger Alert: Do You Know Someone Who Owns A Pickup Truck?

John Ekdahl asked a deceptively simple question of the nattering class on Twitter, and their collective head exploded. Based on the uniformity of the answers, they really do share a single brain….or maybe even just a single thought. And that thought is one that is immensely, profoundly, singlemindedly contemptuous of anything that smacks of Middle America.

But their irrational sensitivity to this question is a clear signal of their sneaking suspicion that those knuckle-draggers out in the boonies who drive pickups might have something that they don’t….like masculinity, or the ability to fix a flat, or unclog a drain or shoot a deer or so many of the things that real Americans take for granted, but that the effete elite in the big city find beneath them, but only because they can’t do it. Oh…and maybe they fear that the big hulking guys in the pickups who stop to help them when their cars break down can also bang their wives better than they can…


Ignoring the fact that JohnE has a PhD in trolling, it really is an interesting question; one that describes the vast void between those who believe that they are superior, and those who are just a bit sick and tired of being looked down upon and condescended to and dismissed by people who can’t do some of the most basic things that most Americans take for granted.

Or to quote Ace of Spades current Twitter tagline: “That’sHowYouGotTrump.”

One comment to “Trigger Alert: Do You Know Someone Who Owns A Pickup Truck?”
  1. We all judge people to some extent by what they drive, wear, look like, reside in, etc. Much of this is common sense.

    But I believe those of the left who are driven by a reflexive contempt or hatred of anyone who might potentially be conservative, truly had their worlds rocked by the Trump election.

    When Obama was in power, a blue state conservative like me was acceptable to many people I know as long as I didn’t challenge them often. But I sense a different attitude since the election.

    What was an amusing annoyance to be brushed off as an outlier in their circle is now perceived as threatening.

    Those gun toting hillbillies in their trucks might be coming for them any day, carrying “Trump Lives” banners.

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