President Donald Trump

Inaugurated on schedule as expected, despite attempts to derail it with strange parliamentary tricks.

I’ll be brief so we can all return to your lives as usual (and yes, we’ll all return to your lives as usual.) It seems to me, and I don’t want to give them any ideas, that the progressive left is squandering a huge (yuge even) opportunity here. Trump is fundamentally a non-ideological person, with proclivities towards big government. Yes, DeVos at Education, Pruitt at EPA, Perry at DOE doesn’t strike us as such, but $1 Trillion infrastructure programs and his consistent inconsistency on health care point in a different direction. To say nothing of the tariffs and attempts to tax companies that aren’t sufficiently American in his mind. At the very least he’s giving the AFL-CIO everything they ever wanted.

An intelligent progressive would see this for the opportunity it is and stick government’s tendrils into as many places a possible. Leverage Trump’s non-ideology as much as possible, forcing his hand on ever more stimulus and Keynesian economic plans.

But progressive movement lacks any intelligence. Sure, in the past the left played the long game, infiltrated and expanded the bureaucracy and the academy, creating a shadow 4th branch of government and a chorus supporting that branch. But Obama effectively destroyed that. He expanded his own power (executive power) in part through fostering division and resentment among the American people. In doing so he reduced the left to little more than temper tantrum throwing toddlers (something I know a little about!), convincing them the only tool they needed was displays of raw and often unhinged emotion. But the many Americans have dealt with toddlers, we know that giving them what they want only encourages further tantrums. Obama’s legacy is Trump, and if the left doesn’t try to separate themselves from that legacy quickly, we’ll see 8 years of it. Make of that what you will.

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  1. I think the question is if the left screeches and whines enough, and the media and pop culture hammer enough, will the majority of voters after a while tell them all to go to Hell, once and for all, and that the more they act out and bitch, the longer Trump will stay there.

    Or will they throw up their hands and say , “Enough already. You can have your extra chocolate sundae. We’ll put you back in office. Just shut up, leave us alone, and let us get back to normal.”

    IMHO, the left and media made this strategy work successfully with George W. Bush starting when people in general began to get a little anxious about the Iraq war.

    It’s like the stalker who telephones his victim 50 times a day for a month. If the target ever answers or engages, he or she has taught the stalker the precise cost of getting attention.

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