If I Really Wanted To Kill All the Sick People

This is the lefts current claim about AHCA: Republicans just want to kill all the sick people.

Let’s skip, for the moment, my qualms about AHCA (which I’m not a fan of for tons of reasons.) Let’s also set aside that it’s unlikely to look anything like it does now when it comes out of the senate. Forgetting all of this, let’s ask the simplest question: If I wanted to deny sick people insurance, cause them catastrophic financial trouble should they ever get ill, what would I do?

Well I’d let Obamacare stay in place as written right now! That’s what I’d do.

We’re already in a situation were at least one state is facing a total loss of carriers in most counties. In that same article fellow Moron and Friend of CJN, Insureblog, notes that we’re heading in a similar direction in other states as well.

Beyond that, deductibles have rendered insurance basically unusable says ultra-conservative outlet…The New York Times. Such high deductibles might be workable if premiums weren’t also sky high. But that same article talks to a family of 4 that has a $1200/month premium for a 12k, deductible!

And here’s the kicker, we keep delaying the Cadillac Tax because we know it’s going to be awful for people with employer sponsored insurance (who thus far have probably been least impacted by ACA’s debacle, though still affected especially in the small business arena.) This same article notes that by 2035 nearly 80% of employees will have insurance subject to this tax. (A few sectors will fall closer to 60% which is still a huge number.) Faced with a 40% tax on providing insurance benefits, what do we expect employers to do? Obviously they’ll either reduce or eliminate that benefit, kicking people into what will be an obviously failed individual market by that point.

The left is going to run images of pushing granny off a cliff no matter what we do. But the truth is if I really wanted to do all the bad things the left keep trying to use to strawman me, I’d just let the current system keep imploding as it’s doing now.

(Of course the flip side of this is: the left has already launched their worst attacks, and are spent. But I don’t expect the senate to do the right thing and use that to actually make the right changes.)

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