The Morning Report 7/10/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and as predicted the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is in full freak-out mode over the arrest of convicted pedophile and billionaire Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein. The phony-baloney outrage directed at Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was the man who cut Epstein’s original plea deal when he served as the DA for South Florida, and President Trump for not firing him as well as the insinuendos that he was BFF with Epstein are just that – phony baloney. Funny, as in disgusting how nowhere in the torrent of bile and spittle being sprayed at TV cameras and microphones can be found a scintilla of anger and rage at the individual at the center of all of this, and that is Epstein himself. 

But, since a judge has ruled that his original victims can now take Epstein to court on civil charges and in light of the fact that he now faces an array of new criminal charges for everything from statutory rape to sex trafficking to kiddie porn, a lot of dirty laundry that has the potential (note the word “potential”) to destroy perhaps scores of Democrat-Left-Media elites up to and including Bill Clinton, is going to be exposed to a much wider and attentive audience than back in 2007-8 when the media could still effectively kill the story. 

Speaking of Bill Clinton, the impeached and disbarred ex-president released what could best be described as a hostage note attempting to distance himself from Epstein that was so chock full of crafted legalese as to be almost incoherent. Unlike the documented minimum of 27 times that he flew on the infamous “Lolita Express” in the verified company of underage nubiles, that ain’t gonna fly Billy-boy. 

And for those of you, like I was, who were wondering how Epstein could’ve got what has been described in the media as essentially a sweetheart deal of a lifetime, John Klar writes in American Thinker

…But now a mob has been loosed. What is striking about Acosta’s case is that he is being excoriated not for doing too much to defend a sex offender but too little to punish or convict – that is, he is being criticized not as a defense attorney, like Sullivan, Pattis, or Adams, but as a prosecutor. Just as defendants and their counsel must weigh their risks of conviction, so too must prosecutors assess the risks and costs of failing to meet that much higher burden of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Epstein served jail time and probation and was compelled to register as a sex offender. Acosta has stated that “the plea deal’s results were ‘better’ than risking a trial, which he said had ‘a reduced likelihood of success.’ ”  Not only do the media seek to revisit that prosecutorial discretion, but they have already passed judgment. If Acosta had tried the case and lost, the result would have been horrible, compelling the victims to testify in a new trauma…

Again, one can argue the terms of the agreement vis a vis the nature of the original charges against Epstein or perhaps try and dig into Acosta’s past in search of some deep dark secret nudge-nudge-wink-wink, or we can read his reasonable, logical explanation and defense of his actions as a prosecutor. Or, as I think we should do, we can ignore the attempt at deflection, obfuscation and character assassination being hurled at him and elsewhere and concentrate on convicted sex offender and billionaire Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein and his pals in the Party-Hearty Party. Which is exactly what they do not want you to do, and which is why I am going to, con gusto.

Circling back, yes the media did effectively bury the Jeffrey Epstein story in anticipation that Hillary Clinton would run and win the presidency in 2008, which of course did not come to pass, and yet again in 2016 with the same result. But now, with their stranglehold on being the gatekeepers of what is and what is not news more or less broken, they can no longer ignore or effectively bury this as they did even 10 years ago. Plus, with Trump in office, the media and cultural landscape has undergone a paradigm shift. Unlike Republican presidents past, there is just no way Trump is going to allow them to smear someone on his team let alone him. 

There are a couple of things in play here. Yes, I still believe that they are going to do everything they can to link Epstein to Trump and manufacture evidence or failing that fling as much dung as possible in the hopes that like everything else they have tried and failed at, this will be the magic turd that leads to impeachment and removal from office. I also think that the Upstart Maoist Brigade of the Democrats will try and use Epstein to decapitate (figuratively) the Clinton machine and with it, the old guard crypto-socialists of the party to seize control (the open war of words with Palsi Pelosi is a giant neon sign that there is trouble in Democrat paradise on earth). But all of this is not some 11-dimension chess game planned months ago. It’s all reactive and smacks of desperation, and not necessarily because of Trump hatred. There’s an interesting link postulating that though Epstein was and likely still is a Democrat-Leftist, he’s also cunning and conniving. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that his airplanes, homes and Pedo Island had video cameras hidden in every nook and cranny as, to coin a phrase pregnant with meaning “an insurance policy” or even blackmail. If you think the race to get Weiner’s laptop was fast and furious, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. And I’d wager the FBI found a lot more interesting things than kiddie porn when they raided his 5th Avenue mansion the other day. Gold, Jerry. And laced with polonium and a one way trip to Fort Marcy Park to anyone who leaks it.

Like many of you, the cynic in me thinks that, even with all of this, not even the lowliest Democrat lowlife goniffing momzer associated with Epstein will ever swing for this, let alone the Clintons. But if the Democrat-Media-Complex thinks that they can take out Trump with this, especially after everything they’ve tried over the past three years, they’re even more clueless than I thought. Basta cosi.

Back down at the border where there is of course no crisis at all (ahem!), Nancy Palsi throws the racism card at Trump vis a vis the citizenship question and a giant brick in the form of Black and Latino approval of it gets hurled back in her mush, Thom Tillis has a momentary lapse into sanity supporting a bill allowing victims of illegals to sue the sanctuary cities from whence they came, two US Marines are a disgrace to the uniform (allegedly), Democrats use Obama-era photos of kids in cages to go after Trump, fresh off of abortions for men, Julian Castro wants pallets of cash for Central American shit-holes and American workers idled, and when Mexicans are x-raying trucks looking for illegals heading north, you know Trump is the one we were waiting for.

Scanning the other items on the Democrat Scandal Sheet, with the attention focused on Jeffrey Epstein, big-time homosexual Democrat donor Ed Buck (remember him?) stands accused of human trafficking and revenge porn, Bro-Fo Omar caught embellishing an anti-American blood libel and the FCC is going after a Leftist non-profit for stealing money that was supposed to go to giving poor kids cable TV. Leftist non-profits; I should Lerner more about those… 

And your favorite topic and mine, Official Democrat Party Anti-Semitism, Chiqutia Khruschev’s puppet master, this Saikat Chakrabarti freak is catching flak for wearing a t-shirt with the image of Nazi sympathizer Subhas Chandra Bose. But at least he gave us killer stereo speakers, right? And Caroline Glick on the sleazy bastards at the AP smearing American Jews for the evil crime of openly supporting the state of Israel.

Clinton-Obama Coup and Mueller-Congressional Persecution and Cover-Up: David Harsanyi concurs with AG Barr on the Russia hoax, is Horowitz coming at long last, and a House Intel witness accuses Fusion GPS founder of lying under oath. 

Civil War 2.0: Antifa’s Joo-Hate Division shows up at Christians United For Israel confab and threaten journalist.

Politics: We start with two views on Mayor Buttplug’s Achilles heel, his own horrid record as mayor of South Bend as well as his being a hardcore anti-Christian bigot, for never having worked a day in his life, Joe Bidet got very wealthy in politics, trying to slime Cocaine Mitch for having slave owner ancestors, he fires back at NBC with a kill shot and Kamala-Toe’s own father says their predecessors owned slaves, more on Joe Bidet and busing which by the way he was absolutely right to oppose, Trump supporting candidate beats GOP-e stooge in North Carolina special, Toothy McBigTits may be stacked but she is a complete idiot, the Leftist/Never-Trump alliance couldn’t last and Conrad Black sees Trump going all the way in 2020.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Mike Cernovich echoes my sentiments on what the Epstein thing is all about, Zuckerberg boasts about Facebook interfering in the Irish abortion plebiscite, and the Second Circuit on the battle of Trump and Twitter.

Abortion: Head of Cineplex movie chain tells thugs attempting to get Unplanned removed from the theaters to get bent, and the NEA endorses abortion as a human right. So, killing off the reason for your existence is a human right? Feh.

Foreign Desk: Iran tensions remain as US hits Hezbollah chiefs with sanctions, Farsis crowing about shooting down our drone and the State Department smacked down over wanting to allow Farsi oil to flow to the Chi-Coms. The DC Swamp’s lowest level is Foggy Bottom. Besides Hong Kong, there are big anti government protests that no one is covering, or being allowed to cover, on the mainland, EU appoints a bust-out anti-Israel Joo-hater, Trump urged to confront Qatar over terror support, Sweden’s insanity leads to mass rape-rape by swarthy immigrants, Kiwis shocked that the New Zealand government lied to them about its gun buy-back scam, Angolan corruptocrats rob American companies then hire DC lobbyists to cover it all up, and Daniel Greenfield cuts to the chase and sums up the Middle East “Palestinian” delusion quite neatly. Must read and bookmark.

DEE-Fense: Another on the F-35 debacle.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Frogs fork over do-re-mi to Muzzy mass killer on some sort of Billy Ayers technicality. France is screwed.

Healthcare: Three links on perhaps our last best chance to get rid of Obamacare for good, Joe Bidet upset about trading off projectile colitis for chronic shingles of the eyes, and the CDC with a warning about some sort of mystery polio-like disease cropping up.

Education: Florida shit-cans principal for Holocaust denial (Palm Beach County of all places, surprise-surprise), and if the SATs were the sole arbiter of college admission, a lot of minority students would not make it.

Feminazism, Transgender Psychosis: Here’s a doctor who is one sick mo-fo, and watchdog group warns of MTV’s brainwashing our youth with balls of confusion.

Hither and Yon: Netflix loses The Office and Friends and the Left has no clue on American greatness, mostly because it believes it’s evil and illegitimate.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.