The Morning Report 8/19/19

Good morning, kids. Start of a brand new week and in the lead we have the latest in the continuing cold to lukewarm Civil War that is roiling us. It’s not so much a war as a completely one-sided pogrom, since 100% of the violence is aimed at us by supporters of the base of the Democrat-Left-Media complex while, aside from taking bike locks, boots and bullets, we do nothing in the way of retaliation. The only exception being to attempt to exercise our first amendment rights to protest the physical and political assaults on us, and what remains of the republic as founded. But as we are all well aware, or should be by now, our speech is violence while their violence is speech.

This past Saturday saw violent attacks on pro-American peaceful demonstrators by the black-is-the-new-brown-shirt terrorist organization Antifa in Portland. Although the Portland Police at least appeared to fake protecting the protestors, everything from mace and milkshakes to some people reportedly attacked with hammers was used in the attempt to draw blood. There is no equivalency. This is completely one-sided. And yet you have double-talking crackpots like this Debra Haaland from New Mexico defending the goons, calling them “peaceful” and praising them for “safeguarding their city.” Dan Crenshaw notes the irony of the real anti-fascist anti-totalitarian protesters in Hong Kong waving the American flag while these demented fiends burn it at every opportunity. Paul Krause in American Thinker:

…Collectivism thrives on war. In fact, it needs war. Collectivism demands the mobilization of people to advance its aims. As such, it is necessary for collectivists to always have an existential threat, which allows for the perpetuition [sic] of mobilized society. As Oakeshott says, “[T]he real spring of collectivism is not a love of liberty, but war. The anticipation of war is the great incentive, and the conduct of war is the great collectivizing process…”

… Antifa claims to be for peace. Its purpose is war. Beyond the insurmountable evidence that this is the case, the mere fact that Antifa exists to counter an imaginary existential threat should also give away its true, bloodthirsty, and violent purpose of being. There is nothing libertarian or organic about Antifa. It is a socially engineered monster meant to act as shock troops of the final collectivist campaign for the domination of what used to be free American society. Antifa exists, as it does in Portland, above the law. Without the law to keep the peace, we are in a state of war which allows for collectivism to present itself as the new agent of order while imposing tyranny from above…

Meanwhile, three cops in Brooklyn were attacked by a mob yesterday after allegedly breaking up a barbecue at a housing project, an editor for the Family Research Council rips the SPLC for pimping nearly-lethal lies and some idiot Illinois state legislator apologizes for a Trump assassination photo booth, or something, at a fundraiser. That’s totally kosher and a harmless little jape, so you better not complain, h8trz.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.