The Morning Report 8/21/19

Good morning, kids. Middle of the week and the officially sanctioned Democrat Party anti-Semitism remains a hot topic, but it’s President Trump’s reaction to it that underscores one of his greatest strengths: His willingness, even eagerness to fight back. From our Politics section, Rabbi Aryeh Spero writing in American Greatness:

…People mischaracterize and belittle Trump’s tweets as un-presidential and unbecoming of his office. He can be crude, to be sure. In reality, the president is using the platform [Twitter] to deny and challenge the assertions of the people – media manipulators and rabble-rousing liberal politicians – who would disdain and debase this great country… For truly, when Trump’s opponents smear him over his position on immigration, borders, nationalism, patriotism, or they call him a racist, they don’t mean just him. They are talking about you and me and anyone who holds similar positions…

[UPDATE: Several commenters are correct to take exception to the Rabbi’s declamation that the president “can be crude” without citing one single incident of his alleged crudeness. I agree with them. He’s far from crude. He’s honest. Paraphrasing Harry Truman, “he gives them the truth and they think it’s hell.”]

The President’s taking to Twitter or any available microphone on any given occasion to defend himself, and really all of us as the good Rabbi states, has got the Democrat-Left-Media and their cuckservative confederates completely apoplectic. It’s not that he offends their sensibilities and all that rot. It’s because by going after them, mostly with all the subtlety and sophistication of two sets of brass knuckles and a cutting torch, he cuts through their lies and distortions, exposing them as the frauds they are and forcing them to defend the indefensible. That is something that’s never been done, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan. And if polling and anecdotal evidence showing significant defections among blacks, Latinos and other heretofore solidly Democrat constituencies is any indicator, it poses an existential threat to that party’s electoral competitiveness and, what they considered as little as three years ago, electoral domination. Hence, open borders and now the “white supremacy” myth.

It’s a two-fisted attack by Donny Two-Scoops; expose the lies and then make them commit multiple self-inflicted dick-punches or rake-steps in trying to defend the indefensible. All one has to do is look at the way Dubya or the past two GOP nominees handled their attackers; curl up in a ball, beg for mercy and blame their own supposed base for all their alleged sins. No more. Hell, they never once called out their opponents or policies, as was SOP for the GOP. And that was half the problem. In not responding to being tarred and feathered as the illegitimate child of Snidely Whiplash and Adolf Hitler, too many Americans were led to believe that the party of slavery, racism and in-utero (and now ex-utero) baby killing were the good guys. While it certainly helped to have virtually the entire media and academia from K to post-grad in their back pockets, especially in the pre-alternative media age, it was no excuse to not fight back. Note that it’s assholes like George Will who out of one side of their cake-holes claim politics ain’t beanbag while out the other proclaim fighting back in any manner, let alone the way the orange-comb-over gavone from Queens does, is beneath the dignity of elected office. But I digress.

Trump rhetorically kicking over the tables of the moneychangers in the temple I think is going to be, or has the potential to be, a sea change in American politics going forward. But, delicious as it all is, it wouldn’t have been worth jack shit had his policies, especially the tax cuts and tariffs, not created the greatest economic boom in a century. That too was a slap in the face to the globalists who both poo-pooed it as “a magic wand” and because it disproved their own previously unassailable economic theories. More crucially, it threw a monkey wrench into their plot to destroy our economy and serve us up to some sort of Soros-led world dictatorship on a silver platter.

As I said, it has the potential to be a political sea change, but since sadly, Trump cannot be president for the next 40 years, the big question is will his way of doing things be the spark that ignites Trumpism as a political movement or is it going to be a mere flash in the pan (cue lyrics to We Don’t Need Another Hero, in the bridge just before the sax solo)? Whatever the future holds, things cannot and will not go on as before, not with the Democrat Party fully exposed to a much broader audience as the evil tyrants we always knew them to be. For sure, come the inevitable day they do recapture the White House, “interesting times” will most definitely ensue.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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