The Morning Report 9/3/19

Good morning, kids. Back to work this Tuesday and the good news if you could call it that is, after hammering the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian is essentially stalled off the Florida coast and has been downgraded to a category 4 storm, which is still incredibly powerful. Obviously, the threat is still there and if you’ve been ordered to evacuate get out ASAP. Stay safe, prayers for the victims in the storm’s wake and that it somehow burns itself out at sea.

Dorian Does Dervish: Storm Stalled as Upper Atmosphere Too Calm

Hurricane Dorian Downgraded to Category 4, Major Risk of Life-Threatening Flash Floods

Dorian Updates: Mandatory Evacuations Ordered In Multiple Florida Counties, Include Trump’s Mar-a-LagoNow back to the usual meshugas, leading off with the aftermath of the Odessa-Midland shooting. It turns out the shooter had a rap sheet and that the recent loss of his job might have sent him on his rampage. The President is 100% right in focusing on mental health and the other causes for why people do these things while the Democrat-Left-Media Complex continues tap-dancing on still warm bodies of the victims in their non-stop effort to disarm the citizenry. Joe Bidet pausing only to call for a ban on all magazines ripped into the state of Texas for allowing people to actually defend themselves in their houses of worship. Way to burnish that “blue collar man of people” image there, Plugsy. Lastly, at least for today, everyone’s favorite Nazi collaborator George Soros is now spending his ill-gotten gains on going after the second amendment. SECOND AMENDMENT

Suspect In Texas Shooting Reportedly Lost Job Before Rampage

“No Compromise”: Joe Bidet Goes Extreme On Guns, Calls For Ban On All Magazines, Rips Texas For Allowing Worshipers To Defend Themselves

President Trump Is Right About Mental Illness and Mass Shootings

Nazi Collaborator Soros Spends Nearly $9 Million Lobbying, Now Targets GunsCIVIL WAR 2.0For the sin of highlighting the utter hypocrisy of the Left’s racialist “intersectionality,” a group of ballsy people actually held a Straight Pride Parade up in Boston, which caused the Left to rage-stroke. Toothy McBigTits and her “Squad” cohorts openly colluded with Antifa terrorists to raise funds for the counter protest. Meanwhile, David Simon who created the show The Wire was hoping for Hurricane Dorian to destroy Mar-a-Lago. Mr. Simon fails to realize that city where his show takes place has been virtually obliterated by a force far more destructive than any hurricane: 60 years of Democrat-Left socialism. 

Chiquita Khruschev AOC Promotes Fundraiser For Boston Protesters Associated With Antifa

The Wire Creator David Simon Hopes Hurricane Dorian Destroys Mar-a-Lago To Demonstrate G-d’s “Goodness”AMNESTY, IMMIGRATION, MIGRANT INVASION, BORDER SECURITYThe sheriff of Frederick County, MD ripped into neighboring Montgomery County for putting up with its illegal alien rape-rape derby, and Paul Gosar not pleased with the continued outsourcing of the jobs Americans eagerly want to do in the STEM fields.

Sheriff Rips Sanctuary County Leader After String Of Rapes By Illegal Aliens

Rep. Paul Gosar: Get a STEM Degree, Watch Foreigners Take Your JobDEMOCRAT-LEFTIST SCANDALS, CRIMES, CHUTZ-POCRISY, MESHUGASWith the non-stop drumbeat of ginned up phony scandals and crimes against Trump, here’s a list of real scandals involving the worst president in US history conveniently ignored by the Media, now that a Republican is revealed to have worn blackface, suddenly the SPLC is on the warpath, and this Katie Porter in California is a flaming hypocrite, i.e. “Democrat.”

14 Real Obama Scandals That Have Nothing to Do With His Wearing a Tan Suit

The SPLC Suddenly Cares About Blackface, Now That a Republican Did It

Flaming Hypocrite Katie Porter Berated Chase Bank for Wages Comparable to Her Own Staff SalariesCLINTON/OBAMA COUP, CONGRESSIONAL PERSECUTION, SPYGATE, DEEP STATE, THE MUELLER DECEPTIONDevin Nunes says there is evidence to prosecute Comey, although this other notes the distinct lack of will (so far), IG report exposes the complete bullshit Logan Act garbage hurled at Michael Flynn and it looks as if the impeachment train is rolling again now that the Congressional recess is over. I understand it involves Sloppy Daniels. Yup, keep fucking that chicken, Dems.

Devin Nunes: “Evidence Is There” for US Attorney to Bring Criminal Conspiracy Charges Against James Comey

Inspector General’s Report Exposes Another “Collusion” Myth

Trump Impeachment Push Picks Up Steam During Congress’ RecessJEFFREY EPSTEIN’S DEATHHmm, looks as if Jeffrey Epstein might have a buddy to keep him company…

Millionaire Thought To Have Key Info On Epstein Vanishes “Without a Trace”POLITICSLeading off, James Varney over at The Washington Times has a piece on Tank Abrams involved in some voter fraud front group that is ramping up ahead of 2020. Stay tuned for more coverage on this later in the day. Elsewhere, PDT rips into his real opponent, the fake news media, GOP openly going after Sheldon Whorehouse for threatening SCOTUS if they rule the wrong way on an NYC 2-A case, Joe Bidet loves unions the way Dr. Szell loves teeth, look for the 2020 Dem Clown Car to start losing some passengers, with the Dem-Media Complex flailing the Tea Party as racist bromide gets a revival, Joe Walsh implodes and a good essay on how the Left doesn’t want debate, they want you dead, rhetorically and otherwise.

Varney: Tank Abrams Passes on 2020 Run, Turns Focus to Voter Access with “Fair Fight”

Trump Says His Campaign’s Real Opponent Is the “Fake News Media,” Not Democrats (same difference – jjs)

GOP Senators: Sheldon Whorehouse’s Brief “Openly Threatened” SCOTUS “With Political Retribution”

Joe Bidet Vows to Be “Champion” for Unions… After Working to Offshore Their Jobs

Clock Ticks on 2020 Long Shots as Democrat Derby Enters Crucial Stretch

The Return of the “Tea-Party-is-Racist” Smear

The National Popular Vote Con Job

Joe Walsh Implodes

Denunciation Defeats DiscourseFIRST AMENDMENT, CENSORSHIP, FAKE NEWS, BIG BROTHER BIG TECH Unions looking to muzzle their constituents, Daniel Greenfield on the Media’s totalitarian bent, PDT rips into the National Laughingstock and the Chiquita Khruschev brigade, total embargo of the facts about Comey in Slim’s Slimes, and Voice of America still employs America-hating Soviet mouthpiece. Doesn’t that just crystallize things for you.

This Labor Day, Unions Are Gunning for Workers’ Free Speech Rights

Greenfield: The Media Master Race

President Trump Furious With Washington Post: I’m Not Racist, The Squad Is!

Comey Criticism Nowhere to be Found in NY Times

Voice Of America Currently Employs a Former Russian Anti-US PropagandistFOREIGN AFFAIRS, INTERNATIONALHong Kong still in the spotlight with the Chi-Coms threatening to crush the protesters, audio reveals regime’s puppet in HK wanted out but was told no, Chi-Coms bitching to WTO about OrangeManBad’s mean old tariffs biting them hard, “can we have your liver, then?” Also, Brexit is the right thing to do and a call for US mediation in the potentially explosive, as in nuclear, situation brewing in Kashmir.

China Threatens Hong Kong Protesters: “End Is Coming” For Those Who “Antagonize China”

Secret Audio: Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Wanted to Resign But Chi-Coms Wouldn’t Let Her

China Complains to WTO Over Trump Administration’s Tariffs

China’s Organ Harvesting

Contra the Remainers, Britons’ Right to Liberty Justifies Brexit

Why the US Must Mediate Kashmir Under a Nuclear ShadowDEFENSE, MILITARY, SECURITY AFFAIRS
What the hell are we still doing in Afghanistan and what are we not doing to mitigate suicides amongst our people in uniform? Sad and infuriating all around.

Green Beret Dustin Ard from Idaho Becomes 15th US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan in 2019

Military Suicides Top Record Despite Government’s Best Efforts: “We Have to Do Better”WE-ALL-SLAM-FOR-I-SLAMAfghani who stabbed two Yanks in Holland was just turning his life around and some NYC Islamo rips into fellow Muslim for ties to UAE and Trump infidels.

Man Who Allegedly Stabbed Tourists Wanted to “Protect the (alleged) Prophet Mohammed”

New York Islamist Leader Excoriates Muslim Scholar Over Ties to UAE, Trump AdministrationDOMESTIC AFFAIRS, THE BUREAUCRACY, WASTE, FRAUD, CORRUPTIONMore on that horrendous boat fire off of Santa Cruz, Alaska’s AG using Janusruling to kneecap government unions (hopefully a harbinger for the lower forty-eight), total incompetence (what else?)in managing state pension funds and Daniel Greenfield on the Dems’ itching to infect yet another free market success story, Uber.

“No Escape” in Tragic Santa Cruz Island Boat Fire

Alaska AG Calls for Opt-In Govt. Unions

Asset Backward: State Pension Funds Keep Increasing Risky Investments… As Pension Debt Mounts

Greenfield: Unionizing Uber – What if Dems Got a Cut of Every Ride You Took?THE ECONOMY, STUPIDJust when I was getting used to nearly 10 years of Funemployment, OrangeManBad puts me and half the country back to work. Bastard! [sarc]

Record Number of Americans Working: 157 Million on the Job in the USCRIME & PUNISHMENT, NON-DOSTOYEVSKYPotential mass murder or terror attack averted in New Jersey? Hmm…

New Jersey: Man in Custody After Explosives Found Near Labor Day Parade RouteEDUCATION, INDOCTRINATIONWhat’s the matter with Kansas… University? Mostly Leftist intolerance.

Banish “Bastion Of Bigotry” Chick-Fil-A to the Basement, Says KU Faculty MembersHEALTHCAREThe obesity epidemic and Medicare For All. Wait, what about all those PSAs about America’s starving children?

The Heaviest Roadblock to Making “Medicare For All” WorkRED-GREENS, CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX, LYSENKOISMMinnesota pipeline project being used as political weapon by Marxists to beat up on the more so-called centrist candidates on the local and national levels.

Minnesota’s “Line 3” Renews Pipeline PoliticsFEMINAZISM, TRANSGENDER PSYCHOSIS, HOMOSEXUALIZATION, WAR ON MASCULINITY/NORMALCYJunk-tuckers supersede anatomically correct hoo-hoos in the pecking order.

Liberals Embrace Anti-Feminism in Transgender Sports DebateCULTURE WARS, HITHER & YON
Send this broad an autographed picture of Marge Schott, not that anyone actually celebrates Labor Day but point taken, and a new book is out that completely debunks Howard Zinn’s anti-American screed. Too bad it’s come 40 years too late. Still, it’s a must-read.

Red Caps Trigger a Fragile Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Makes Her “Uncomfortable”

Labor Day Is a Stupid Socialist “Holiday” and Conservatives Are Right To Bash It

Zinns of Omission: Mary Grabar Definitively Discredits America’s Top (anti) History Book

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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