The Morning Report 9/12/19

Good morning kids. Thursday so let’s jump on in. The big story is at the border where in the heels of yesterday’s Ninth Circuit smack-down for what I believe is the second time of hack-in-black Jon Tigar, SCOTUS has handed the administration a significant win in allowing the President to broadly enforce asylum limits. This is as it should be since the recognized legal principle here and in many other countries is that anyone seeking asylum must do so in the country they immediately cross into. But as we all know, millions of Central Americans have been intentionally depopulated, if you will, and brought to the Rio Grande for the sole purpose of invading our nation. 

SCOTUS and the Ninth Circuit have derailed that and given the President both a huge political victory as well as the nation a reprieve (on paper anyway) for the time being since the institutional Left will never stop on this front of the long march to destroy and overthrow America as founded. Also, as I alluded yesterday, the actions by the court fully demonstrate the importance of this President’s rejiggering (not racist) of the judiciary from top down. I mean, when the Ninth Circuit hands him a victory it’s a pretty big deal. In years past, Republican presidents just conceded the Ninth to the Democrat-Left and they populated it with an assortment of Buch M. Danno’s and Tyne E. Bubbles’ like that reprobate Tigar. Not so Trump and to his credit, Cocaine Mitch. I don’t know if Trump is thinking in terms of originialists vs. the “living and breathing” crowd, but he sure understands the importance of taking away the rubber stamp with the big “REJECTED” on it from his enemies. Bravo and more please, especially if a dose of stale kale or a Candygram from out of nowhere leaves one or maybe two vacancies at the top.

Circling back to the border, in the wake of 9/11 the Feds are still asleep/incompetent vis a vis Islamic terrorists sneaking in, Rancida Taliban’s gonna rancid, even Jeh Johnson calls the Dems crazy on immigration, illegal alien gets six years (that’s it?!) in the slammer for fentanyl, and just the title f Michelle Malkin’s latest tome irks the Catholic Church.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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