The Morning Report 10/4/19

Good morning kids. The weekend is here and if I had a dollar for every time I wrote “and what a week it’s been” I’d have enough for platinum AOSHQ memberships for everyone. Is it me or does it seem as if the more the real criminality in the Democrat-Left-Media Complex that is exposed, the more the latter shrieks, screams and hurls gallons of raw sewage in every direction to distract? After nearly three years of Russia, now comes Ukraine. But now that Ukraine has exploded all over Schiff-for-Brains, we now have some sort of “whistleblower” pulling the same stunt over at the IRS. Well, rat-bastard straight-up traitor John Brennan put out the call the other day for anyone and everyone anywhere in the bureaucracy to do the REO Speedwagon “heard-it-from-a-friend” dime drop and flood the zone with whistleblowers. Easy-peasy now that hearsay evidence is conveniently kosher in instituting investigations regardless of merit, or more accurately because they have zero merit.

Nothing really more to add to this other than in a just and sane world, Schiff and Pelosi along with Brennan, Comey and Obama and Clinton would be facing the rest of their miserable existences in Leavenworth, if not dangling by the neck for what they have done. The abuse of our legal and intelligence systems and apparatuses in the attempt – which is still ongoing – to overthrow and oust a duly elected President is bad enough. Far worse will be the evisceration of even an illusion of comity between our two main political parties (one of which I consider a dangerous, internal enemy representing an existential threat to the nation) and the concomitant splitting apart of the nation. Meh, 50-plus years of indoctrination has achieved that. This is merely a symptom. Tragic.

Now let’s delve into the sewage… 

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

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