The Morning Report 10/30/19

Good morning kids. Midweek and topping the links today is the decision handed down late yesterday by the DC Circuit to halt the disclosure of the Mueller grand jury notes just hours before they were scheduled to be released. The only reason the Democrats demanded them was for the sole purpose of smearing and destroying President Trump by smearing and destroying witnesses who testified and were not implicated in any way in the trumped up charges and falsehoods. It also serves as a threat against any and all future witnesses who might be otherwise inclined to defend the President or his allies in any future investigations, like this already unraveling Ukraine garbage and whatever else they will likely concoct in the next 12 months. It is rather ironic that a group of people, at least on paper, comprised of virtually 100% lawyers do not know one of the most basic tenets of their profession in that releasing investigative notes and transcripts of grand jury investigations that failed to lead to an indictment is strictly prohibited to protect the identities of persons not directly named in the investigation. But look whom we’re dealing with; a malignant swarm of rabid vermin who individually and collectively are taking jackhammers to the already shaky foundation of our society and the idea of the rule of a just and stable law. 

No doubt Nadless the Hutt and Schiff-for-Brains will cry foul and try to smear the judges who did the 100% right thing in stopping this particular craven act of lawlessness before demanding a fast-tracked appeal at SCOTUS. For now, it’s a victory. Actually, given the equally vile nature of Mueller and his puppet master Andrew Weissmann, I’m shocked that much of the notes have yet to be leaked to the presstitutes. 

Rounding out this category, Chuck Grassley feeling the effects of a Geritol drip by slamming Comey for his covering up of Hillary’s crimes and promising to get to the bottom of it, some Deep State tool named Brandon Van Grack, who was part of Mueller’s mob that helped frame Michael Flynn is now set to defend the his conviction for “lying” to the FBI. Glaring, unforced error on the part of AG Barr. Lastly, Julie Kelly with a good long look at how Obama and henchman engineered the plot to take down Trump. Obama: One Big Ass Mistake, America… one for which we will be paying for a long time to come in one way or another.



Tick tock tick tock, it looks like this impeachment kabuki/bukkake farce is about to collapse on top of Nancy Palsi and the entire Democrat Party. Two Democrats in the House are not on board. First, Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey has stated he is not going to vote for any motion to impeach, and more importantly House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer has stated he is not committing to bringing it to a vote, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Trick or Treat, mo-fos.

…This is simply further evidence, if any was needed, that the impeachment effort is an empty scam, a massive PR stunt, with no substance to speak of behind it. It is a Potemkin campaign jimmied up between Pelosi, Schiff, and the anti-Trump media. The rest of the House Democrats, who can read an electoral map (skills that neither Pelosi nor Schiff ever had to develop, both representing rotten Cali districts inhabited by Demunnist pod people) are not so much disinterested as terrified. They can clearly see where this is headed.

Pelosi, who can’t make the most straightforward arrangement regarding voting procedure or rally and discipline her troops, apparently cannot. Which means this thing is simply going to get weirder and crazier as it goes along…

And once again, the only reason this thing is caving in on them is because President Trump did the one thing they were sure he never in a million-billion-trillion years would never do – release the transcript of the call between him and Ukie prexy Zelensky. That completely removed their ability to fabricate lies from so-called “whistleblowers” as well as the narrative that Trump is hiding something, ironically by his expected non-release of the transcript. 

Running down the rest of the links, the White House has called this an “illegitimate sham,” impeachment is, to be charitable, not at all popular with voters, Jim Jordan rips Schiff-for-Brains for directing this Vindman fraud’s fraudulent testimony, PDT slams the aforementioned and underscores the reason for releasing the transcript, Bro-Fo Omar crawls out from under her male-du-jour to belch up the stupid, and two links including the¬†NY Post’s¬†Michael Goodwin on the impending downfall of Palsi Pelosi with this impeachment fraud.


To the border we go where we have some good news to report about the administration getting a handle on the manufactured “refugee” crisis, San Diego aspiring to shit-hole status even without a Filthy Filner, nine-time deportee a big time fentanyl trafficker and a look at the anchor baby situation vis a vis the President.


Jeffrey Lord rips into Admiral Mc-Craven and the other Sergeant Pepper-uniform wearing brass-ass-hats who fancy a military coup with a reference to Seven Days in May. I assume Liz Cheney will get the vapors. 


Get your Joo-hate, right here, folks! Caroline Glick examines the consequences for the Jewish State if G-d forbid a Democrat takes office, a Holocaust-survivor gets verbally abused while giving a lecture by a so-called “Palestinian” hacktivist, and two particularly revolting slugs want official anti-Israel language put into the 2020 Democrat Party platform. If you are Jewish and have any sense of history and your own yiddishkeit, to vote for this cancer is to stick your own head, and potentially body, into an oven.


Lots of Lefty chutzpocrisy this morning, where first as California immolates itself thanks to insane environmentalism, Governor Gruesome got some big bucks from the utility that’s turning off the power to the citizenry, Obama got all kinds of lucre, supposedly for his inauguration, from a Saudi via a go-between to keep it all kosher, Joe Bidet super-PAC founder worked for Azerbaijan which is not exactly welcoming to the homosexually-inclined, and Hickenlooper is going to have to face the music on ethics charges.


Sandersnista defibrulates into the lead in New Hampshire, the head of the Arizona Democrat Party has the intellectual agility of a small soap dish, poll shows surprising interest in third party candidates, with Hillary feeling her oats, or Ruben Studdard-doppelganger-administered epi-pen, Tulsi Coffee Cake rips into her good, Tom Styrene high on reparations, Kamala-Toe confuses discrimination for repulsion, minor Joe Bidet gaffe, a look at Out-the-Ying Yang’s campaign, warnings about Virginia turning blue and perhaps Texas, and Salena Zito on the Democrats ignoring the heartland again this time around.


PayPal muzzles the wickedly effective street artist Sabo and steals his money. Big Tech will be the kinder gentler Gestapo before long if we do not dismantle them.


Walter Williams on anti-gun agitprop.


Another Democrat hack-in-black overthrows the will of the people.


How’s that for a dose of irony in Hong Kong, and a look what LeBron James thinks the rest of us are too stupid to talk about, Daniel Greenfield on nation-states as the source of the terrorism. True, but the real source is the damn book they read, sir. Also, House votes overwhelmingly to piss off Turk Turdogan and recognize the Armenian genocide. Not sure if this is also an attempted slap at Trump vis a vis the Baghdadi takedown, but noted incest-afficionado and turbaned reverse-cowgirl Bro-Fo Omar was one of three who voted “present” because of slavery and the Indians, but most likely because Islam. Whatever. Elsewhere, the State Dept. is investigating the targeting of the President’s top Iran envoy, which seems a bit like the fox guarding the hen house all things considered, Iraqi protesters go after Farsis in Baghdad, Susan Rice bitching that Trump should’ve told the Hawaiian stoner about the Baghdadi raid, and an essay of where our focus really should be.


Air Force testing A-10 Warthog supplements. I’d like the 30-day trial size, please…


Turdogan does the dhimmi-dhimmi coco-bop to non-ummas.


How’s this for comedy gold? Dems’ could face their own music on a government shutdown caused by the other barrel of the shotgun, Dondi with a sensible bill and Joni Ernst with the right idea, I guess. What we really need is a bill that targets waste and duplication across bureaucracies. Meh, the elimination of bureaucracies would be even better.


Jame Gorelick, Barney Frank and Franklin Raines smelling a comeback? Also, a look at the history of the banking sector in bed with government, Paul Singer is a neocon Never-Trumper, Under Armour CEO ankles post under secret circumstances and when DeBolshevik blathers on about all the money in the wrong hands, it’s no wonder that JP Morgan Chase is diving for the exits.


I suppose this prosecutor is about to get excessed.


Even the WaPo blasts Elizabeth Sham-Shoshone for wanting to kill charter schools, and University of Rochester knuckles under to the Chi-Coms and boots South Koreans from their touring orchestra. They should have canceled the entire tour. Cowards.


Roger Kimball rips into Cuck Schemer’s plan to outlaw private insurance. Someone tell Cuck that he can’t “repeal” something he never enacted. Schmuck. Also, Bernie doesn’t think he has to explain his scam/scheme to you proles and claims that Joe’s Man-Chin and Jon Tester are going to vote for it, despite being against it.


Toothy McBigTits’ totalitarian ludditism is showing. 


Turns out paid leave is not exactly healthy, medically or financially for women and Texas Republicans finally fighting back on the psychotic genital mutilation of our children.


Christian Toto on “woke” comedy, a look at a new Netflix series, the farce of the Nobel Prize, and Dennis Prager on the most damaging, cruel brainwashing of our children.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.