The Morning Report 11/25/19

Good morning kids. Monday and the start of a new, albeit abbreviated week in the run-up to Thanksgiving and the holiday season. But, we’re loaded with links as there are a number of things breaking besides the usual shampeachment garbage so let’s get cracking. And thanks to Mindful Webworker for the great P-shop this morning.

With the testimony phase of the hearings done for now, all that’s left is for Schiff-for-Brains and company to draw up their articles of impeachment and bring it to the House for a vote. But the President’s release of the transcript of the phone call between him and Ukie prexy Zelensky rendered their strategy of charging him with obstruction of justice was obliterated. All they were left with was a bunch of Deep State functionaries angry that Trump dared exercise his elected authority to dictate foreign policy, which flew in the face of their plans and their perceived, and heretofore unchallenged power to wield it no matter what administration is in office, and what the will of the people may be. And more and more of the people now recognize this for what it is and are angry about it.

The estimable Mollie Hemingway over at The Federalist, who is the embodiment of what journalism is supposed to be, gives quite a thorough analysis of all the elements and has concluded that Trump and the GOP won this phase of shampeachment:

… Impeachment has been all but a foregone conclusion since the moment Trump shocked the ruling classes with his 2016 victory. The Washington Post announced within minutes of his inauguration that the “campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”

The Mueller probe was supposed to be the vehicle to accomplish this goal and it would have been if it had been able to come up with anything in favor of its dramatic tale of treasonous collusion to steal the election. Democrats responded to that defeat not by coming up with a stronger case, but a dramatically weaker one… While many in corporate media will attempt to pretend otherwise, the first phase of impeachment did not go well for Democrats. It needed to be their strongest phase. It needed to be a time when support for the inquiry and impeachment grew. Instead, it shrank…

The Dems were going for full-on removal from office and as time dragged on and their plots and schemes Wile E. Coyote’d in their faces, they then aimed to ruin him for 2020, but as his support grew in direct proportion to his administrative successes – particularly the economy – and the field of Dem candidates looked and sounded more and more repulsive, all the Democrats could hope for was to tarnish his name with the scarlet letter “I.” And all things considered, that will be a pyrrhic victory, especially when in the Senate, where the GOP is in control, all the witnesses who should have been called and all the questions that were stifled with Schiff-for-Brains are going to be quite revelatory. They will also dovetail nicely with whatever AG Barr, IG Horowitz and John Durham have to reveal regarding the original coup to bring down the President as that was what this whole Ukraine garbage was all about; the hail Mary attempt to oust Trump while covering up the original crimes/criminals that unleashed the Russia collusion hoax, which was the original attempt to oust Trump and then cover up those crimes when that attempt failed.

But, like the irradiated cockroaches from Chernobyl that they are, the Democrats will not be stopped and are now seeking other ways to bring the President and the nation down. This time, it’s attempting to obtain and release massive amounts of uncensored grand jury notes from the Mueller deception, and use it in the same manner as the crooked prosecutors who nailed Richard Nixon. And leading the charge is none other than Andrew Weissmann, one of the dirtiest, power-mad shysters in recent memory: From John Dale Dunn’s piece in American Thinker:

… Andrew “attack dog” Weissmann, a former member of the Mueller hit team, took to cable news to coach Democrats to go big and explosive and compare Trump to Nixon, although [author Geoff] Shepard makes a convincing case in his two books that Nixon was framed and viciously prosecuted by wild-eyed partisans. Shepard definitely can assess that little tactic against Trump by Weissmann and show how Nixon was screwed by the Left during the Watergate affair in the leftists’ aggressive efforts that included corruption of the judicial process and the political process… 

… But Shepard has a much more important warning: “Trump has bigger problems to worry about than the ever-fluctuating Democratic message. His opponents are leveraging Watergate precedent and hoping for creative legal opinions to eradicate the secrecy of grand jury proceedings. A grand jury’s function involves such one-sided procedures that there are strict rules on secrecy. Targets (accused persons) are forbidden to have counsel present, are unable to cross-examine accusatory witnesses, and are not permitted to produce evidence or witnesses of their own. Even if no indictments follow, the elicited testimony can be very damaging to those investigated. …Yet tidbits gleaned from questioning by politicized prosecutors who conducted such investigations is why congressional committees, both now and during Watergate, salivate over gaining access to the raw depositions. Yet the entire design of the investigators, from beginning to end, was to harm their presidential foe…”

…Judge Beryl Howell (an Obama shill) upheld their subpoena, finding that committee’s demand was in the nature of a judicial inquiry, and thus within an exception to the statute forbidding release of grand jury information. Nice work, Judge Howell – let’s just blow up the concept of the grand jury…

Well, hell. The Democrats have shredded every notion of fairness, the rule of law, legal and historical precedent and common decency in their obsession to overturn the 2016 election, and make sure that Donald Trump and anyone remotely like him does not win in 2020 and every election thereafter. And that assumes that we will be an intact nation with any future elections in the first place. What a way to start this holiday season.



Seriously, did Glenn Simpson really say what he said? The gall on this prick and all the other traitors and flunkies is just radiant. Meanwhile, Trump is not only 100% right, but if anything he is understating the gravity of the situation, walls or pincers, either way the jury is out on whether there will be a reckoning and lastly an interesting take on the roots of all of this.


Funny how the more strident the patter about equality, social justice and fairness, the cheaper and more dirty the individuals from the whence the tripe emanates. Elizabeth Sham-Shoshone out and out lying – yet again – about where she sent her spawn for schooling and Katie “Cheap Thrill” Hill goes on CNN to hector people in baggage claim at LaGuardia about “integrity,” or something. 


To the border we go, where Prince George’s County joins Montgomery County in Maryland as willing to unleash illegal alien criminals on the populace. I’d say I feel sorry for residents there but they voted for this. So, give the people what they want. Also, an Angel Mom finally gets justice, DHS with good new on this Remain in Mexico asylum rule, and despite Congress leaving town for the holidays, the crises with our border and illegals remain.


Dems in a tizzy over the holiday talk at Thanksgiving tables this year, do they really think Tank Abrams as a running mate is a positive? Also, Joel Pollak rips Mayor Buttplug, Cuban exile and House candidate Irina Vilarino smacks Ariana Grande with a clue bat, Kamala-Toe used to be a brain dead socialist but now she’s a brain dead Marxist, bite-sized billionaire boasts big bucks, weird voting system also partly to blame for Chesa Boudin, and New Hampshire Dem Party boss Raymond Buckley is kind of an odious tyrant, isn’t he? If only the state’s GOP didn’t bend over for him all the time.


What a difference a few years makes, Bloomberg’s news organ goes officially and openly agitprop, pompous gasbag Jersey traffic court judge repulses, and debunking the sports media’s whitewashing of the helmet-swinging incident.


Virginia may have been absorbed at the state house but one sheriff has the right idea and New York’s red flag laws work as intended.


Pennsylvania governor smears shoe polish on face and yells “blackjack!” Also, flips bird to legislature and voters.

Huge win for pro-democracy candidates in Hong Kong elections as some residents in London to protest the Chi-Com regime, a look at China’s quest for global domination, Google is to China what IBM was to the Final Solution, Iran shuts down internet to stifle massive protests, comparing the travails of PDT and Bibi, Malmo becoming Mogadishu on the Baltic, US statehood for… Alberta? Lastly, the dual justice system in Canada, vis a vis Muslims and real Canadians.


Big shakeup in the Navy as the Secretary gets fired over the Eddie Gallagher case, and Chinese spies infiltrating all over the most sensitive areas of national research and security, much of it due to family members at home with guns pointed at their heads.


Coexist… to keeeeeel the juice!


Ruth Bader-Meinhoff now resting comfortably with a My Pillow, San Francisco drowning in turds, and DC drowning in another kind of waste. 


Despite Trump, coal companies are felling the pinch and Elon Musk’s truck roll out looks like that John Cameron Swayze Timex commercial where they strapped the watch to an outboard motor. A golden moment in marketing, for sure…


Oklahoma reeling from spike in crime; GOP crime bill seen as a big culprit.


Good Roger Simon with a good idea, a NYC school success story which means it doesn’t involve the public schools and Joo-haters and Antifarians unite in Toronto.


This Kamala-Toe really is full of herself when not full of multiple penises, and Trump going against his “buy American” mantra by pushing Canuck pills.


Students disrupt Harvard-Yale game and piss off the crowd and the war on fossil fuels is the war on life as we know it.


Darwin’s theory put under micro-Scopes (get it?).


Happy birthday to the great William F. Buckley. How I wish I can reanimate him so he can punch out Jonah Goldbrick, on Rachmaninoff, G-d and freedom, Christian Toto lambastes Last Christmas, new book on the man who volunteered to be sent to Auschwitz to report on the death factory for the Allies (who ignored it), and Dem-Leftists ever intensifying war on Christianity.

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