The Morning Report 12/30/19

Good morning kids. Monday and we lead on the penultimate day of the year with something that never seems to end, and of late is getting worse. I’m talking in-your-face Jew hatred in the form of physical violence. Fresh off the shooting spree at a kosher market in Jersey City, we have two separate incidents over the weekend in the New York suburb of Monsey and within the city proper; Brooklyn to be precise, home to more Jews than any other place on the planet.

First, a man, Thomas Grafton, who is reportedly a schizophrenic with a machete burst into the home of rabbi just as he was lighting the menorah and stabbed five people during a Hanukkah celebration. He fled the scene but was later arrested in Harlem. In light of that attack, Grafton is also being investigated for another stabbing in the same town involving a Jewish victim. Then in an unrelated incident, a woman, Tiffany Harris, was arrested after randomly punching another woman, a complete stranger, in the face as she was walking in Crown Heights. It’s unclear as to whether the victim here is a Jew, but the assault occurred just a day after the bipedal cockroach was released from jail for slapping three Hasidic women on Friday. Harris admitted in her statement to the cops “Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them out. I said ‘F-U, Jews.’ ” 

Like clockwork, those who are screaming the loudest about this are the ones that have the rhetorical, and in some cases actual blood on their hands. I’m speaking of course about the Left and its seat of political power in the Democrat Party itself. The fact that they once again are blaming President Trump would be risible were it not so utterly disgusting. Here’s a party that is now the home of congressmen and women who are Islamic terrorist affiliated, Islamic terrorist supporting or who need remedial Taqqiya for Dhimmis, er, Dummies 1.0 as they can barely disguise their loathing of Jews, Israel and anyone who defends either. The other side of that coin is the G-dless heathen atheist Left that has common cause in seeking the destruction of America and Judeo-Christianity. That is perfectly exemplified by the words of NYC Mayor Bill De Bolshevik who blames Trump’s “hateful speech” in emboldening the attack. Let’s see; son-in-law is orthodox Jew, daughter is a convert, recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, told the “Palestinians” so-called to screw off, doing everything in his capacity short of war to overthrow the world’s terror masters in Iran while domestically, along with the recent executive order to kneecap the pandemic of on campus anti-Semitism, is improving the lives of minorities and showing them how De Bolshevik and his ilk have had them in figurative chains for decades. Yup, that’s certainly “hateful” isn’t it.

In a way, the lanky slab of fetid Communism is right. Trump’s speech is hateful… that is, to all the unreconstructed pig-ignorant totalitarian garbage De Bolshevik stands for. But the fact that he and others like Joy Blowhard before him to actually state that this is “white nationalism” should not be laughed at out of hand. There are still far too many people who are not old enough to remember the recent past and still under the influence of the lobotomization at the hands of their teachers, the boob tube and the Google Archipelago. Here are incidents in the heart of Leftist-Democrat New York committed in the main by blacks, Latinos and Muslims and yet if you were to ask any random person, at least not of a certain age (and even then I’m not so sure) from the city to place the blame, they’d echo De Bolshevik. Madness. 

If you think these are anomalies, think again. Jew-hatred disguised as “Anti-Zionism” or “legitimate criticism of Israel” is in the official 2020 platform of the Democrat Party. Along with crackpots like Bernie Sanders, the other leading crackpots and miscreants like Fauxca-Has-Been have had big-time Joo-haters as foreign policy advisers on their campaign and have openly boasted that if elected, they would eagerly join the BDS movement to seek Israel’s destruction. The fact that Al Sharpton, who is one of America’s leading racial arsonists and inciters was once on the air and pimped as a respected political pundit (albeit on cable access college radio station MSNBC) is revolting in and of itself. This is all nothing new. Perhaps the closest confidante and ally of the Clintons are Sidney Blumenthal and his spawn Max, not to mention Obama’s well-documented pedigree that the media dutifully attempted to cover up. For sure, his record of incitement and division is a major driver of what we are witnessing today.

And yet, American Jews voted overwhelmingly for Obama despite all the revelations about Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, Louis Farrakhan and all the rest. As the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, (gunned down in 1990 at the hands of an Islamic terrorist later linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing), the founder of the Jewish Defense League once said, “There is no greater anti-Semite than the Jewish one, and none hates the Jewish people more than the Jewish traitor and apostate.”

There is only one way to stop this, as shown by the shooting incident at a Texas church, and that is concealed carry and firearms training for my co-religionists. That said, the real way to stop this is for Americans of all backgrounds – especially Jews – to wake the fuck up and stop voting for Democrats. Unfortunately we are dealing with a group of people whose closest link to Judaism is faking an orgasm over a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli. I’d say the time is more than ripe for a rebirth of the JDL. But are there any real Jews left who are willing to see the danger? I have my doubts.


The Left is going absolutely ape as the President has revealed Pelosi’s son Paul might be up to his neck in Ukraine corruption, Joe Bribem is now backpedaling from his threat ignore a Senate subpoena, Cocaine Mitch seems to be standing strong and whipping the party in line behind the President but Robert Spencer is not so sanguine given the historical record, Matt Gaetz rips Schiff-for-Brains, Steve Scalise hits Pelosi with the “quid pro quo” analogy, the Alaskan snow-blower gets ripped, the impeachment gambit is straight out of proto-Leftist Herbert Marcuse’s playbook, Dems loved coordinating with Bill Clinton before hating on Cocaine Mitch for the same thing with Trump and a call to dismantle the Deep State.


When does Rod Rosenpenis get cuffed and frog-marched after a 3:00AM raid, and a call to dismantle the FBI and reemphasize the Marshal Service.


Who knew that graft was not tax deductible? Should’ve done like Crazy Eddie Antar and hid the lucre in shoeboxes under the bed.


After getting stabbed in the back by the entire Obama team last week, Joey Bribem tries wooing his formerly clean and articulate boss, the girl-groper gets heckled about his girl-groping, blue collar workers lining up solidly behind Trump which of course is raising the ire of Tubby Riefenstahl, more vomit-inducing imagery from Mayor Buttplug, Victor Davis Hanson underscores Trump’s amazing accomplishments, yes 2020 is Trump’s to lose and lastly, an open letter to Michelle Malkin telling her she must renounce her support for this Nick Fuentes character, who despite his outward appearance as strongly pro-Trump is openly anti-Semitic and a Holocaust denier. I smell a rat somewhere, all things considered, primarily Charlottesville. But this guy Fuentes’ schtick is repulsive. You read, you decide.


Some real head-scratchers and eye-rollers involving the Slimes and National Laughingstock. And while the slimes thinks they should get to know the unwashed lumpenprole Trump voters better, Chuck Todd opens his cake hole and reveals ignorant, unreconstructed bigotry, speaking of eye-rolls I give you Fredo Cuomo, andĀ Elle/Szell Magazine is high on Sarsour, the Hamas Louse. But Trump’s words incite Joo-hate, right?


More on that Texas church shooting and Joe Bribem is a complete fool.


Putin thanks Trump for helping foil New Year’s Eve terror plot, a Mexican cop arrested in that Mormon family massacre, the Yellow Vests are back with a vengeance, Israel prepping for Farsi attacks, UN getting ready to hand over our internet to international thugs thanks to Obama, Farsis happy about military drills with the Chi-Coms and Russkies, beware of any deal with the Chi-Coms on trade, and 2019 was another year of failed multiculturalism in Europe.


New submarines to be commissioned USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma (wow), and what the Obama years hath wrought on our military.


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The Trump economy is booming here as Europe stagnates.


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These are the days of miracles and wonders…


Another two thumbs up forĀ Richard Jewell, Christian Toto recaps 2019’s worst pop culture moments, four great manly flicks from this past year, and General Patton’s Battle of the Bulge Christmas prayer. “Crush the wickedness and oppression of our enemies.” A-freaking-men.

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