The Morning Rant


Corrupt hacks abound in New York City, but the highest profile crook, its mayor, is going to use Sino-Lung-Rot as an excuse to cover his many failings as the architect of NYC’s descent into madness, crime and hyper-SJW lunacy.

The subways were failing before China exported lung-AIDS to America, but what a convenient cover to mask the degradation of its infrastructure and complete failure to police it.

An Underground Plague

The past six weeks have been the hardest ever for the state-subsidized Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which recorded the first of at least 68 workplace deaths from Covid-19 starting in the second half of March. The MTA is also facing a scourge of violent crime. In little more than a month, the subway system saw three murders—more than the MTA has recorded in a single year for more than a decade. As Gotham prepares to reopen sometime soon, New York City’s NYPD and the MTA will have to make sure trains are safe not only from disease but also from crime, or riders will stay away.

The virus merely accelerated the decay of NYC and its infrastructure, but every real or imagined problem in NYC over the next few years is going to be blamed on the Sino-Lung-Rot catastrophe. The MTA will raise fares and demand billions of dollars from the state and federal governments. de Blasio will try to fund every progressive wet dream by crying that NYC was uniquely injured by Chink Flu, and by extension President Trump.

This will be repeated in every major city in America, and the bill will be sent to our children.

I had hoped that the tremendous economic revitalization that the President has guided (mostly by getting out of the way) would create enough growth to outpace the federal bloat. But the Kung-Flu stimulus has driven a stake through the heart of that hope.