The Morning Report 5/14/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. 

Some incredibly good news that could have positive repercussions across the nation, rogue hack-in-black judges notwithstanding. The Wisconsin Supreme Court gave a devastating rebuke to Governor Tony Evers forced imprisonment of the citizenry by striking down his edict, effectively liberating the populace. The tinpot tyrant threw a premenstrual hissy fit and lashed out:

“Today, Republican legislators convinced four members of the state Supreme Court to throw the state into chaos,” Evers said. “They have provided no plan. There’s no question among anybody that people are going to get sick. Republicans own that chaos.”

That’s right, genius. People are going to get sick, and some sadly are going to die. But I’ll be gentle since, perhaps you might have been out “sick” from school but the concept is called “biology.” And it’s been going on for roughly a few billion years or so. And the GOP “convinced” the judges? As if they didn’t realize on their own that your outrageous usurpation of power was beyond the pale and unconstitutional? Rather full of yourself, aren’t you?

He added, “In the meantime, we’re going to have 72 counties doing their own thing.” 

“I can’t believe there’s a state in the nation with this type of chaos.”

Really? “No plan” and “chaos” is what’s known as individual freedom, aka life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think anyone with half a brain, or who had a relative in a New York nursing home might now prefer unplanned chaos to the orderly, if not messy and painful death as a result of Nipsy Cuomo’s fuhrer befehl

I don’t know if this will be appealed all the way up to SCOTUS but I imagine that the Leftists don’t want to take a chance that this ruling would set a national precedent. Then again, what the hell are courts and even elections considering ObamaGate and the completely illegal and unprecedented action of Emmet Sullivan, to name just a few. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Still, this is a huge victory, even if tempered not only by the actions of the other Demokrat Dick-Taters but more egregiously the fact that we have to celebrate the reinstating of what was ours to begin with: our stolen birthright.

Meanwhile, as Eric Garcetti orders Angelenos to wear masks everywhere they go and has decreed the city shall not open until there’s a cure for something likely incurable, the battle is joined in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf is getting pushback from the counties but Dauphin County, home to the state capital of Harrisburg, is knuckling under to threats and intimidation. Meanwhile, this crooked bastard is evidently handing out waivers and dispensation to cronies and pals, but when the light was turned on, the handouts were abruptly stopped. Note to the media: this is what is known in the trade as “a story.”

And in Michigan, crass harridan Gretchen Whitmer, after having been rebuked in her persecution of 77-year-old barber who dared defy her and re-open his shop, has had his business license revoked. She’s losing, and she knows it. In fact over a million Michiganders are estimated to have ignored here stay-at-home decree along with perhaps millions of others in other states with similar orders. So naturally, instead of getting the message, she is having the communications of protestors in Lansing monitored. I guess she’s being advised by Obama, Biden and Comey, right? There’s also some good news out of Virginia, where Governor Mammy McMengele in asking his sheriffs for help in keeping the peasantry in chains has been rebuffed by at least one. 

Despite the media embargo, I have to think that the overwhelming majority of the American people have had enough. It’s one thing for far too many people to not be outraged, or really aware, about ObamaGate and the persecution of Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort et al. It’s quite something else when the object of the persecution is you and yours. I was hoping that the Shelly Luther incident would be akin to the Tunisian shopkeeper who immolated himself and then caused the Arab Spring, not that that was any great outcry for freedom; quite the opposite. But the analogy is still accurate insofar as being pushed once too far and too hard for a massive national reaction. 

Perhaps Shelly Luther was and the reaction is happening, although perhaps not as instantaneous nor as violent as in Tahrir Square. But all politics is local. We’re also a disparate as well as a divided nation so it’s hard to see someone like Shelly Luther inspiring a resident of Manhattan’s Upper West Side to share common cause. But Wisconsin’s liberation from the forces of darkness and evil and the resumption of life getting back to normal is no doubt going to stick in the craw of said Upper West Siders and other liberals. Sure, they’ll resent them because of blinkered, unreconstructed bigotry. But perhaps they’ll resent DeBolshevik and Cuomo as well. 

So long as Trump and the GOP stand by their vow to not give in to their extortion and bail them out, sooner or later, they’re going to have to cave. 

For now, if we can’t let a thousand flaming skulls ignite, we can at least be warmed by the pretty big one that was set off in Wisconsin yesterday.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America. 



White House moving ahead at warp speed with this Warp Speed vaccine drive, Anthony Falsie examined, in Pennsylvania, it’s geriatric death for thee but not for me, Nipsy Cuomo has the blood of hundreds or perhaps thousands of old people on his hands but this new story is just depressing and enraging all at once, if anyone on the NYPD continues to obey anything coming out of City Hall, they deserve nothing but scorn and derision, the need for an accounting when all this is over, and finally “making decisions based on bad data is worse than making decisions with no data.” Well, duh.


Well, let’s hope so but I guess it has a chance if we can get up and running ASAP, more on this insane $3 trillion Democrat ticket to paradise on earth, and you’ll be happy to know that IRA terrorist gun-runner and alleged Republican Peter King will vote with the Democrats to pass this giant anal rape of the nation, although Cocaine Mitch has pronounced it DOA in the Senate, past history dictates to be wary, and finally in Pigeon Forge, TN “tourists rush back after mayor calls the shutdown ‘unsustainable.'” Maybe this is a model and/or harbinger?


Cuck Schemer raises flap on cloaca above his chin and emits BP-raising flatus.


It’s interesting and more than a bit surprising that I’m even angrier now at the confirmation of what we witnessed than when we saw it happening in real time. Rand Paul comes right out and points the finger at Biden, Julie Kelly on Obama Chief of Staff McDonough unmasked Flynn on the very day of the crucial January 5th, 2017 White House meeting of all the key players, while Ace and others were justly ripping the GOP for doing nothing, at least Ron Johnson is going forward with forcing Biden and others to testify, Joey Bivalve points two fingers at some other crisis, Great One Levin calls for hack-in-black madman Emmet Sullivan to step down, a completely unsurprising revelation about Schiff-for-Brains, and several links on ObamaGate as the greatest political scandal of our time, and indeed all time insofar as American politics go.


Behold, the “moderate” Democrat candidate.


Even a rigged XiNN poll shows Trump crushing Biden in the battlegrounds, huge win in CA-25 for GOP candidate Mike Garcia as Democrat challenger Christy Smith concedes. Funny how the Democrat-Media Complex will claim this was a meaningless race after weeks of non-stop proclamations that it’s a bellwether harbinger for Trump, and another surprise down-ballot win in the California legislature for a Republican, no good RINO shyster Richard Burr gets served papers by the FBI for insider trading; whither Mark Warner or Dianne Feinstein? Meh, Democrats. Also epic incompetent fail for Donkey-Chompers who couldn’t even get 15 signatures to get on the Working Families Party line for the election, SCOTUS set to hear “faithless electors” case, Malig-Nancy and Dems pulling out all stops to steal 2020 and beyond, another in the Biden-is-the-Moderate Dept., and for American Blacks, the Democrat Party is the real plague.


Well, what did you expect?


At least Van Jones had some gravitas by comparison, the great Mollie Hemingway in the crosshairs of some XiNN hack, Tara Reade is getting her message out despite the agitprop media, Biden flunkie smears actual real journalist for exposing forcible stink-fingered boss, and Daniel Greenfield with Masterpiece Cakeshop and religious freedom still on a knife edge.


My message to Virginians: you are all Shelly Luther now. Also, AMLO’s outrage over Fast and Furious gives Trump ammo to connect the dots between Holder and Biden, and gun-grabbing in general.


Good news, but he needs a change of venue. No way he gets a fair trial anywhere in the 9th Circus.


The Hong Kong freedom fighters are ramping up again and the Chi-Coms are clamping down, Chi-Com/WHO collusion confirmed, most Americans want the Chi-Coms to pay, two years since Trump trashed the Obama-Iran nuke sellout and the time is ripe to ramp up the pressure, Congress wants Trump to kick the ICC to the curb over Israel- and America-bashing, Italian soccer league to resume play, and way past time to ditch the World Trade Organization.


Every Chinese national still in this country needs to be put on a plane and sent back to Wuhan, and I hope their drones are as high quality as their cat food and drywall.


Nicole Gelinas warns of dire consequences if the Feds monkey with prices, and Iranian centrifuges can’t hold a candle to Treasury Dept. printing presses. Feh.


At least it’s not Al Sharpton prognosticating.


Tell me again how the Peking Pox is going to kill more people than the lockdowns.


Europe, which had far more deaths per capita than us is reopening schools now while Anthony Falsie – the unelected oracle of America – wants schools shut through the fall. What good is lifting lockdowns if parents have to stay home to babysit the kids? Hint: it’s a political move to keep the economy dead. Also, Mike Pence is meeting with higher ed honchos to talk about reopening the colleges, and Heather Mac Donald asks “why are college students seeking mental-health services in record numbers?”


As stated.


Our intrepid science reporter with neither the band I saw open for Flo and Eddie at the Bottom Line in ’76, nor Tank Abrams’ menses.


After more than 30 years in show biz, Rosie O’Donuts actually says something truly humorous, Christian Toto on the Netflix Epstein documentary that has someone rather crucial to the story nowhere to be found, a positive side-effect from the Chinese Lung AIDS?, and finally, Lloyd Billingsley examines Albert Camus’ The Plague as a powerful work that resonates today.

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