The Morning Report 5/19/29

Good morning, kids. Tuesday, and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. 

There’s no doubt that the damage has been done to our economy, our lives, our health and collective psyche, not by the Chinese Lung AIDS but by the spectacularly disastrous decision to quarantine the entire country. Yet, despite my being depressed about all of this, eternal optimist that I am, as I scan all of the links this morning, I am beginning to detect things on the horizon that no one could have anticipated. Especially the Leftists who are hell bent at keeping America held prisoner even as the pretext for doing so collapses like a wet egg roll.

First, a county judge slapped down Oregon dictator Kate Brown-Shirt’s restrictions “null and void.” The crux of the decision was based on bans on church gatherings but it effectively erases the entire lockdown order that strangled the state’s economy. Naturally, Brown-shirt will appeal to the State Supreme Court which I expect is probably packed with anti-Constitutional hacks who’ll keep the boot firmly on the neck of the people. In Illinois, the bloated, bilious bully of a governor, J.B. Sitz-Pritzker has threatened to remove citizens from house arrest and toss them in actual prison if they refuse to cooperate with his lockdown edict and reopen their businesses. But the sheriff of DuPage County, James Mendrick, gave Governor Schmendrick a stinging rebuke and will refuse to cooperate. “We are not stormtroppers. We are peacekeepers.” It’s reassuring to know there’s at least one law enforcement officer who hasn’t been corrupted. Hopefully he’s indicative of the profession as a whole and not an outlier.

Meanwhile in the land of Pliskin, Warren Wilhelm Klink DeBolshevik is threatening the imprisoned populace who might head for the city’s beaches this Memorial Day weekend that swimming is strictly verboten. Anyone who dares dip a toe into the ocean “will be taken right out of the water,” spouted the buffoon. Most of the beachgoers in NYC are essentially the working poor. They may vote Democrat but the only thing that will keep most people out of the water will be the weather. It will be interesting to see the police attempt to pull people out, especially if people go in en masse. Blacks and Latinos aren’t exactly fans of the cops here as it is, and the optics of them going in and physically pulling people out of the water will be disastrous. 

In the rest of normal America, places like Texas, Wisconsin and Colorado are opening back up, with varying degrees of the idiotic social distancing still in place. But the feared and widely predicted spike in deaths and infections in those places have yet to occur and more than likely won’t. Warmer weather and sunshine, and most importantly the long-delayed herd immunity kicking in thanks to people mingling with one another is the key. Beyond that, the Peking Pox just was not the extinction-level event it was pimped as. The deaths and hospitalizations that it did and still may cause, tragic though they were, are just one more cause of death added to the hundreds that have claimed the lives of every living thing on this planet for the past couple/three billion years. 

Yes, the longer the imprisonment of America continues, the more damage we do to ourselves. But I think Americans across the political and socio-economic spectrum have had enough of this abuse. Aside from the dead-ender hardcore Leftists, most people who see Texans and Wisconsinites enjoying themselves in bars and restaurants, going back to work, getting their hair cut and nails done and free to just go about their lives without being scolded and put upon by, as Ace calls them, the “Karenwaffe,” are going to want that as well. That reaction is happening, even in the twin anti-American bastions of New York and California.

And although the economy has been laid low in a way not seen since the FDR-induced Great Depression, President Trump’s approval has not only not been seriously damaged, but is actually hitting historic highs, both personally and even compared to the past three presidents. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m beginning to think that it’s a reflection of more than just the base, especially in light of the events of the past 2-3 months. I get the sensation that it’s more about the disaffection of traditional Democrats and Republicans at the Democrat-Media Complex. 

What was done to America was a category eleventy hurricane. The Democrats think that they will be the ones to dictate how things get rebuilt, and for sure they are racing pell-mell to try and finish us off for good. But I have a feeling they will fail yet again, and spectacularly. So much of the failure and corruption of big government and socialist-progressive policy has been exposed with the election of Trump and the Peking Pox Plague Panic has exposed much more to more people in just a couple of months. If we play our cards right, there is one gigantic silver lining in all of this just over the horizon. 

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America. 


Along with the aforementioned, links to note include civil rights icon Shelly Luther travels to Michigan to stand with fellow freedom fighter Karl Manke, aging Black Panther terrorist Bobby Rush’s TRACE Act is a license to kill the US Constitution, and Conrad Black hits nail on head: “We must protect the vulnerable, restore the lives and livelihoods of those whose vulnerability is economic and not medical, and assert the human spirit of survival and progress over a demeaning and unfeasible culture of intimidation lest we live like furtive, fearful, moles.”


Trump announces that he is taking HCQ and his doctor explains the prescription. Meanwhile, the Democrat-Media Complex goes on attack mode to slime him and a medicine that is being shown to be effective, safe and cheap. With all that going for it, the lockdowns should never have been instituted in the first place, which would mean stripping the Dems of their power to destroy Trump and America, and steal the election. It also means big pharma and its cronies lose out on big profits. 

Elsewhere, even the mayor of Atlanta admits that the reopening of Georgia did not lead to massive death as was predicted, several links on the extremely flawed modeling, chicanery at the CDC, and the hyped lethality of the virus, the malfeasance and incompetence of Angel-of-Death Cuomo and DeBolshevik led to New York being the epicenter and infection source for the entire nation (“I love New York…”), and finally, “comparing the fight against a virus to real-life combat is an argumentative minefield.”


The economy is a basket case, but Germany’s response to this mostly spared their economy, and lastly “if policymakers take the right steps, the US can reopen successfully – and get lots of those lost jobs back.” Inshalla.


Joey Sex-knuckles opens his mouth again.


I am of two mind on AG Barr’s announcement; part of me is furious as, in a just and sane world both of those two should swing for what they did. But can we really prosecute ex presidents since it will only bring about politicized retribution? But then again, that ship sailed ages ago. We’re heading for a breakup one way or another so what have we got to lose? Barr is either part of the Deep State himself or just living in denial of the state of the nation. In any case Lindsey has pulled a trigger on the henchmen apparently, House Dems continue to put 2020 further out of reach with more shampeachment, Obama officials pimped collusion but told a different tale under oath, David Horowitz on treason, re hack-in-black Sullivan, “the Supreme Court holds that contempt power cannot be used to punish people for making statements, even under oath, that the judge deems false,” what they did to Mike Flynn they also did to Seb Gorka and Steve King, and circling back to the top, a call for justice or else it’s doom.


So much other garbage is going on that this insect Steven Horsford will more than likely skate, and a little reminder about Obama violating the law by firing IG Gerald Walpin to cover up scandal-plagued crony Kevin Johnson’s goniffing AmeriCorps money. 


There isn’t a Nelson Muntz laugh big enough I can hurl at this broad, Squad getting squashed? Also, more on that attempt to push through vote-by-mail to steal the 2020 election, Nazi collaborator Soros pumping $275 million in to fight Trump (RICO!), Arizona poll a very good sign for Trump, PDT slaps around Mittelschmerz, Rabbi Fischer returns with a smackdown of Obama, a couple of links on the politicization of General Tso’s Sicken vis a vis the election, an axiom worthy to be hung next to “Home Sweet Home,” assessing Sasse, and Justin Amash drops White House bid.

vvNoose-’em soaks California taxpayers for illegal aliens, Daniel Greenfield on Malig-Nancy’s ploy to give US jobs to illegals even as 35 million of us are out of work, and something from the Spark-of-Humanity files. 


More good news on slapping down a tyrant, this time Roy Cooper, this tracing ploy is a giant Big Brother invasion, Trump slaps down Cavuto and Fox, and Malig-Nancy Pelosi – a woman whose brain case is swimming in botulinum and bile, dares open her cake hole about Trump being obese and shouldn’t use HCQ, and the media is freaking out that even after all of this, Trump is still riding high in the polls.


Chi-Com goons and stooges take over Hong Kong legislature, Chi-Coms order a new lockdown and lie, Trump and Azar rip the WHO and the Chi-Coms, Republicans look to sanction Chi-Com bigwigs, Nikki Haley cheering PDT going after Huawei, at least the UN isn’t bashing Israel (yet), SCOTUS rules Sudan owes billions to terror victims (good luck getting them to pay in anything but snipped joy-buzzers and squalor), Iran on the verge of collapse yet still pimps “Palestinian” intifada, but one Palestinian is fed up and openly blasting the corrupt PA.


With Burr gone, McConnell taps Dondi Rubio to heat Intel Committee. Feh. Tom Cotton was much preferable, and even he’s not ideal.


Shocking, indeed. Not really. Just disgusting.


Turns out this Steve Linick was a Deep State saboteur who leaked incessantly, GOP might be looking to replace a Thomas or Alito vacancy before 2020 and not make the same mistake Obama did with Ruth Bader-Meinhoff, and domestic terrorist-linked Dick Turdbin projects. Note to Turdbin: your side pimps the unqualified ideologues. The US Constitution is not the Talmud; it’s the gold standard of law by which all others should be compared. It is not supposed to be “interpreted.” The only judges who should ever be seated should be originalists and strict constructionists. Everything else is subversion. Meh, like pissing into the wind.


Penney’s was on the ropes for a long time even before the Chinese Lung AIDS.


Some developments in this Ahmaud Arbery incident.


Dr. Falsi’s prescription to keep the schools shut, and the fate of higher ed hangs in the balance in the wake of Peking Pox.


Our intrepid science reporter with more Martian geological chronicles.


Criticizing DeVos on Title IX, and another hack-in-black seeking to upend normalcy from the bench.


Chargers coach Anthony Lynn goes against the narrative, Christian Toto on Hollywood’s outrage over Trump family flexing its muscles, “the pandemic has stripped millions of work, community, and hope. As local governments extend quarantine orders, urbanites like me are starting to wonder: what is the point of city life?” And finally, Dennis Prager with thoughts about safety versus joy.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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  1. JJ This is the money quote from Bill Barr “based on the information I have today” see what he did there. you don’t give those shitheads a heads up

  2. Hey, I like the guy. I just have zero illusions about things at this stage. If he does indeed go after Obama and Joey Sex-Knuckles, I will be flabbergasted and priapic.

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