The Morning Rant

The New York Times. The Paper Of Record (cue angels singing). The Gray Lady.

They finally did it. This weekend their reflexive anti-American stances and aggressive multi-culti blather and their contempt for and hatred of all that makes America exceptional pissed of the older brat so much that he was almost literally spitting mad. And my mostly apolitical wife was just as offended.

Instead of a reflective and somber front page noting our national holiday that recognizes the supreme sacrifice that so many Americans have made in defense of our country, the Gray Lady (more like a $20 whore on 43rd St.) chose to whip up fear and uncertainty with a vile and disrespectful list of some who have died from Wuhan Flu. Of course one of the first names was incorrect…a murder victim!…but the truth has never deterred the NYT from its self-appointed task of manipulating public opinion to satisfy the Upper-West-Side elites who never met a real American they didn’t hate.

That is nothing new. Let us cast our eyes on a fine, upstanding NYT correspondent and Moscow Bureau Chief named Walter Duranty, who had first-hand knowledge of the murder of millions in Ukraine. It even has a name…The Holodomor…but you would never know it if you read the NYT, because they never met a Stalinist they didn’t love, in particular the first one.

So the NYT and Duranty hid genocide from America, all in service of their real masters; progressivism and anti-Americanism. A few years later they seemed curiously incurious about another unpleasantness in Europe…called The Holocaust.

For the last 20 years the newspaper has morphed into a caricature of itself, with one SJW or PC cause after another competing for space in their Arts and Style and Food sections and, increasingly, their front page, which no longer pretends to present the facts, but has become an extension of their socialist-lite editorial pages.

Every topic is viewed through the lens of LGBTQ or multiculturalism or all-encompassing central government or frank anti-flyover-state pomposity, all with the obvious goal of subverting the Constitution, states’ rights, individual freedom and liberty, and for the last five years a rabid and chaotic push to de-legitimize the legally elected president of the United States.

But as of Sunday they will be doing it without my help. I cancelled, with some effort, our Friday-Sunday subscription, with the enthusiastic support of my apolitical wife!

And I won’t miss it…at all.