The Morning Report 5/28/20

Good morning, kids. Thursday and another grim milestone of yet another day of America held hostage. 

That said, the good news is for the first time in over three months, we are leading with something other than the General Tso’s Sicken. The bad news is it’s another incident involving the police killing of a black suspect, and more to the point the instantaneous reaction of thugs, miscreants, agitators and more tragically, black people who have been abused for 50 years by a political party and movement that have brainwashed them into believing they are their saviors. More on that salient point in a moment.

Evidently, George Floyd was in the process of being arrested by Minneapolis cops when in video footage he appears agitated, violent and by all appearances attempting to resist arrest. At some point though, one officer had Floyd face down on the ground, with his knee on his neck. Whether it was that or something else in the interim, the next thing we know is Floyd was taken to a hospital where he died soon after.

The rest is sadly predictable. As with Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner and others, Minneapolis erupted in rioting and looting, with copycat lunacy in Los Angeles where the freeway was shut down by “protestors.” That’s another thing: if you are breaking in and looting stores and setting fire to buildings, you are not protestors. You are thuggish animals that justifiably could be shot on sight to stop the mayhem. As for Floyd, there was a warrant out for his arrest and apparently he was wanted for fraud or forgery or some other pretty serious crime. That said, violent or not, I cannot see how it is correct police procedure to have your knee on someone’s neck with your body weight pressing down on it. But, this is getting into the weeds on some broader issues. I’ll hit them as separate points that hopefully weave themselves together into a cogent observation in toto:

The Police and Law Enforcement: 
Considering the actions of the FBI, DoJ, CIA and the President of the United States between 2009 and 2016 and after leaving office, it’s kind of hard these days to reflexively take the side of law enforcement under any and all circumstances. That said, if you are wanted by the cops, if you are stopped by the cops, if you are arrested and cuffed by the cops, if you physically resist them you alone are responsible for the consequences, whether or not the reaction is justified. To not realize that a police officer’s mindset when he is on the streets is akin to a soldier in a war zone is beyond stupid; it’s gambling with your life. 

Unfortunately, in the era of political correctness, which became absolutely out of control with the coming of the Obama regime, the caliber of police recruit was inversely proportional to the decriminalization of crime by Democrat politicians. After what was done to Darren Wilson in the “hands up, don’t shoot” blood libel, one would have to be insane or desperate these days to want to become a cop. 

A parting shot at both the institutional race-baiting Left and the police: funny how nobody rioted when Lori’s Lightfoot Brigade pounded on the doors of a church to abuse and brutalize blacks for the heinous crime of worshipping G-d. It seems some black “victims” are more equal than others.

Black America and Crime:
The reason blacks make up a disproportionate percentage of the inmate population in this country is because they commit a disproportionate number of crimes. A salient point that is of course always overlooked is that most crimes committed by black perpetrators are far and away committed against black victims. The greatest myth is that incidents involving black deaths at the hands of police are rare but always generate the most media coverage. Meanwhile black youth are murdering each other by the dozen every week in America’s inner cities and there’s nary a peep. It’s kind of funny too how all these crimes, misery, destitution, poverty and racism all occur in places where Democrats have ruled for decades. Hmm…

But if one delves into the much-ballyhooed “root causes” the answer is relatively simple: Democrat Party politics and Leftist social engineering. After keeping Blacks in physical chains until the end of the Civil War, and then completely thwarting their integration into American society for another 100 years, Democrats feared permanent banishment to the political wilderness as Blacks slowly but steadily integrated and no more need for the welfare state. The Great Society/War on Poverty and the trillions extorted out of the American taxpayer built the greatest big government welfare state in history by grinding the bones of Black America into poverty, despair and disillusion – all while blaming America as founded, Republicans and Conservatives for their misery. And that beat goes on to this day. That is until President Trump’s wildly successful policies gave them a peek at the man behind the curtain.

The Media:
As co-conspirators in the Democrat Party plan to destroy and capture the country, the media fans the flames of hatred and animus. Funny how their cameras are always where the rioting and looting are, and how they refer to the rioters and looters as “protesters” and how Neanderthal bigots like Al Sharpton are given status as “civil rights leaders” and slots on putative news networks to spew their inchoate racialism as valid news and commentary. Then there are the bromides like the NY Times’1619 Project which, to add insult to injury, are awarded Pulitzer Prizes. It is to laugh. And weep.

By the way, if you think that rioting means an end to the lockdowns, think again. It only applies to the rioters. As Stephanie Rawlings might say, we need to give them space to destroy. The rest of us peons will continue to be beaten down until morale improves.


Protests over Floyd death turn deadly, thugs go ape in LA (I guess the lockdowns are lifted, eh Noose’em?), PDT calls on DoJ to investigate, even with new footage, confusion reigns as does the usual violent protests against police, something for Charlamagne tha Asshole and blacks who always vote Democrat to ponder.


Typical Democrat-Leftist behavior: Rules are for the peasantry and embellishment and enrichment is the name of the game. Whitmer’s Democrats gave a crony tracing contract to one of their own, New Mexico’s governor as well as several other tinpot tyrants are total hypocrites, an ex Malig-Nancy Pelosi aides cashing in on the Chinese Lung AIDS hysteria-driven gravy train, Angel-of-Death Cuomo was in bed big time with the nursing homes he shuffled the infected elderly to and granted them legal protection just in time to fend off the wrongful death lawsuits, good news for casino-goers in Vegas but the insane social distancing garbage will put a damper on things, Texans are the best, perhaps Memorial Day marked a turning point in the mood of an oppressed populace, and concerning the evil masks we are forced to wear, “to those looking to benefit politically from emergencies, [Chinese] COVID presents an opportunity to advance plans targeted to transform American freedom and the American way of life.

Lift the lockdowns. Liberate America.


Well whaddya know; a bombshell study that will either be ignored or the scientists ridiculed as hacks and shills, Angel-of-Death Cuomo passes the buck for the 10,000 souls he is responsible for killing, Heather Mac Donald sez “however much past policy decisions were taken in good faith, they must now be reversed for the sake of human life. To dodge political accountability by invoking science is not leadership, it is cowardice,” Daniel Greenfield with the insanity of putting an Obama minion in charge of contact tracing, first it was murder hornets and now cannibal rats, R. Emmett Tyrrel is “caught between the chance-takers and the full-coverage crowd,” “Florida has proven that a measured, evidence-based response to reopening works,” and lastly, your daily emetic.


Here comes the ripple effect when tens of millions are out of work, speaking of hypocrisy in service to personal gain, I give you the disgusting Senator from, fittingly, Michigan, in Wyoming “that slice of government cheese is going to eventually melt and there’s just not going to be enough to get it done. So the best thing you can do is figure out what you’re good at, get your resume going and get to work,”


Funny how the California DA didn’t do a damned thing to investigate Balsey-Ford nor the specious veracity of any of the other Kavanaugh bearers-of-false-witness who hailed from there.


Listen, Fat. My slopes are slippery.


DoJ advises Trump to veto the new FISA authorization, Malig-Nancy Pelosi forced to retreat on FISA, AG Barr appoints federal prosecutor to investigate unmaskings, six facts that Americans were never to know about the Russian Collusion hoax, well look at this – Lindsey’s testicles must have dropped as he has actually called Rod Rosenpenis to testify, Margot Cleveland has had it with Emmet Sullivan, and the Great One interviews Rick Grenell. This guy is someone to watch for the future.


I think at this point, it would be faster to list everyone Bill Clinton has not raped or schtupped.


Joe Biden’s medulla oblongata is mush, Republicans threaten to boycott Dem investigative committees unless they are called to regular order, this DCCC Bustos is a slag but yet again provides another sound bite to use for the edification of us bitter clinging deplorable bleach-drinkers, yuuuge win in Texas to stop mail-in voting scheme, anatomy of an election fraud, Grenell denies Politico story that his joining the PDT campaign, Michigan Democrat Karen Whitsett sues for being censured all because she committed the heinous crime of thanking the President for saving her life, Malig-Nancy sputtering about Trump being opposed to her election-stealing mass mail fraud, Obama accusing Pee-Air Defecto of killing a cancer-stricken woman was totes kosher in ’12 but Trump ripping Banjo Boy over the credible accusation he offed an intern is beyond the pale, so it looks like we can go back to calling Tulsi Islut again, the Trump era means better political ads, a plea to stop calling the Never-Trumpers conservative, the dangerous fraud known as the “social contract,” “how political reform can improve cities’ financial health, “today’s progressives diverge from the originals in their professed interest in democracy,” “the current virus crisis, the utopian faith – and the road lined with mountains of human corpses,” and finally, and the Dems want total control over you.


Tucker Carlson is out for blood. Meh, kind of dangerous to do this right before the election, but then again, these bastards have been all but useless. 


PDT set to drop the hammer on Big Brother Tech for censoring conservatives on social(ist) media, even Gallup can’t shield the media from the public’s loathing, Matt Gaetz drafting a bill stripping Twitter et al of legal protections now that they openly take sides as “censors,” this Yoel Roth is a perpetually pre-menstrual titty baby and fraud, I trust Zuckerberg about as far as I can throw Tank Abrams, Trump ensnares Twitter in big-time trap, Kayleigh McEnany pimp-slaps Ryan Lizza with ease and grace, midget Mike Bloomberg flunky caught faking Trump golfing on Memorial Day photo, Amazon’s board rejects call to nix SPLC, YouTube with a flimsy excuse for censoring criticism of Chi-Coms, judge tosses anti-Fox News suit, Donna Brazile gets utterly flamed on The Five, and a defense of Amy Cooper, who may have acted like an execrable Stasi agent but she didn’t deserve the punishment she got.


If it saves just one life, eh Lefties?


Trump administration officially announce Hong Kong now no longer autonomous, Chinese media has ESP, right? Nigel Farage catches migrant smuggling boat in the Channel, Cuba still a cancerous shit-hole, and a look at Parisians and how they cope with litter, and “European thinking, Abdullah’s reaction, and Israel’s rights.”


Good. What a spectacular waste of blood and treasure. Thanks, Dubya Obama. Corrected for accuracy. Obama made this the disaster it became.


Sick and barbaric, but who are we to judge, right? Sheesh.


Stock market’s huge two-day surge seen as a harbinger of disaster for the Dems come November, Biden’s tax plan disincentivizes the hard work ethic, “China will be the first to lose from selling US Treasuries,” and “opening up the Tongass Forest to logging would lead to economic and political losses.”


Great job SCOTUS. Feh.


“The rush to embrace expensive technology is best understood as a political response to deeply rooted educational problems.”


Space-X launch scrubbed in the final countdown due to bad weather. Trump and Pence will be there on Saturday for the next attempt. We’ll have a link to the live feed courtesy of our intrepid science reporter, but in the meantime, he has some more cool Martian geology.


Keep your kids away from the theaters for this filth.


Christian Toto with comedy gold from Roger Waters, “shaming Elon Musk is easy, but it isn’t accurate. It’s based on half-baked libertarian theories that don’t work in the real world,” the cancer that is this 1619 Project.

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