The Morning Report 7/13/20

Good morning, kids. Another week and another collection of items that add up to mixed signals in terms of prognosticating November. Meanwhile, the anti-American agitprop being pumped out by the Leftists both at the highest levels of power or just parroted by the average uninformed fool is unsurprisingly leading to incidents of political violence, along with skyrocketing everyday mayhem thanks to the kneecapping of law enforcement.

In the town that birthed CHAZmania USA, aka Seattle… 

… A man was shot after he punched a driver through the window of his car. The Democrat-run city of Seattle arrested the driver, but if I were on the jury, I would not even want to hear the driver’s side of the story before I voted to acquit. Why waste my time, the defense lawyer’s time that he is billing to his client, the judge’s time, and the rest of the jury’s time after the prosecution stipulates, as it will have to do, that the other man admitted to reaching through the car window to grab the steering wheel and then punch the driver in his face? This, along with the fact that Seattle is allowing looters and rioters to run rampant, is a strong argument for every working person and every employer to move out of the city and let it rot, and elect a Republican governor and Legislature to ensure that state money is not used to carry Seattle…

Amen to that last bit. A similar incident happened in Portland where a driver was surrounded by BLM thugs after he dared drive his vehicle on a street they were occupying. 

… Now it looks as if the people are taking the matters into their own hands. In the early hours of July 9th, a person driving a white car in downtown Portland was surrounded by rioters. The “protesters” demanded that the driver “get off the f*cking road!” Within seconds multiple shots were fired in the air from the car. No one was hit. The person who took the video claims that the driver had been with the protesters drinking. The motive for the shooting is anyone’s guess, as Portland police didn’t respond to the active shooter…

And given the current state of affairs in Portland, Seattle, New York and a dozen other Democrat-controlled urban areas across the country, I can’t say that I blame them for not responding.

Portland prosecutors just dropped the charges against Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters who have turned downtown Portland into a hell-scape after six weeks of rioting. Rioters who are arrested are ticketed and released. There’s an old saying from the Bible that has been adapted by management gurus: What gets rewarded gets repeated. Using that logic, Portland has just signed itself up for more riots… A former Oregon District Attorney, Josh Marquis, can’t believe the DA’s response to the constant rioting. “It is incomprehensible to me that you could have downtown Portland destroyed the way it has, tens of millions of dollars in damage, and say, ‘Well, there’s no accountability for that.’

What that does is it makes arrests meaningless. No accountability. And that means Portland prosecutors want more of this.

But in Indianapolis, things turned deadly, all because someone refused to rhetorically “take a knee.”

Last week, 24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot to death following an argument with Black Lives Matter supporters. According to her family, the BLM supporters shouted “Black lives matter” at her and her group, to which they replied, “All lives matter.” 

After the groups separated, Jessica was shot dead by the BLM supporters. She leaves behind a 3-year-old son. “She shouldn’t have lost her life. She’s got a 3-year-old son she loved dearly,” said Jose Ramirez, her fiance, who was involved in the incident… 

At what point will murder not be prosecuted, or at least when will what is now murder be seen as justifiable homicide insofar as the shooter, being part and parcel of the party in power, will be seen by same as a victim – or defender of the faith, as it were, from a filthy infidel who dared challenge the “will of the people!” While all of this resembles government-sanctioned anarchy, if traditional police forces are actually abolished or rendered completely useless, it will not mean the end of law and order. We will have something very much akin to the laws that propped up “the New Order.” This isn’t localized; the actions of hack-in-black Judge Emmett Sullivan, and worse, the inaction of his colleagues or his superior on the same court to shut his insane power-grab down is part and parcel of the same problem; corruption at every level and in myriad aspects of our government, law enforcement and societal institutions working towards the goal of killing off the last vestiges of America as founded.

And yet it won’t be the bedraggled, black-clad thugs with the Molotov cocktails, concrete-infused hate-shakes and bike locks that will be the enforcers. It will be Amazon, Google, Bank of America, your HR department, the Social Security and Medicare administrations that will get your mind right. We are already living in an Orwellian nightmare. To what degree it worsens is anyone’s guess, but the writing is on the wall. BLM, ACAB = OBEY.

Whither President Trump? While he had been taking a beating over the past couple of months over the response to the Chinese Lung AIDS – now confirmed by any rational, objective analysis of the data as marginally more deadly than seasonal flu and now over – his response to the insurrection has been spot on. Yet there still is a mood, real or media-created, that his campaign is stalled if not floundering. Personally, that makes zero sense to me given the insane rhetoric and actual physical destruction being brought about by Democrats. Also, the President does not have a party that is lockstep, shoulder-to-shoulder with him and indeed with all of us. In fact, key players are actively working to sabotage the GOP and we could lose the Senate. Whatever missteps Trump may have made, his speech at Mount Rushmore was one for the ages. Coupled with that is his telling Minneapolis to FOAD after the city had the gall to request a bail out for the destruction of the riots – destruction that it alone is responsible for by not only not acting to stop the rioting but actually encouraging and excusing it. 

So now, we have the usual deviants and scum in the form of Democrat mayors and governors continuing the drumbeat of lockdowns and forced wearing of worse-than-useless masks to continue the misery and dislocation so as to ensure Trump’s defeat. This cannot go on. Trump has to unleash us and himself. Victor Davis Hanson:

… To get back on track, Trump almost alone became the defender of tradition under assault, of security, and safety. He deplored the statue toppling, the madness of cancel culture, the racial obsessions of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa cultural revolution. He praised America’s goodness and reminded the country it was good without having to be perfect. And still, the Left hobbled him. 

In truth, the media, the universities, and the Left by weaponizing plague, lockdown and riot had found a winning strategy. The mere threat of being called a “racist” in such a Reign of Terror climate could win over unlikely allies, abettors, and appeasers. Corporate America, the retired and serving four-star officer class, local and state government apparatchiks, and many terrified Republican politicians and pundits (hoping to be dismembered last by leftist wolverines) began pledging their allegiance to the Left or staying mum…

… In truth, he needs to eschew “I” and substitute “we.” A record low percent black unemployment rate? That translated into job seekers having leverage over employers and with it dignity and value. Gas prices falling due to expanded oil production? That means the minimum wage worker can afford her commute. Returning industry? That means more clout, honor, and a good living for an unemployed middle-aged worker in Ohio and Michigan, and less fuel for the Chinese Communist Party.

Tweeting cannot be about the past, but only the present and future. Trolls, washed-up celebrities, know-nothing pampered athletes, and hack leftists don’t deserve mention in the campaign’s final 100 days. 

Ignore them all and focus on Restoration, 2021 — and how the president has a detailed plan to focus on all classes and races, while reminding us of what we owe the dead and all that they have given us.

Roger Kimball echoes my gut instinct on all of this.

…Voters whose voices you don’t hear in the pages of the New York Times and whose rigged Google searches and Facebook hot spots somehow leave out of account. They’re sitting at home watching their cities burn, watching monuments to Columbus, to Washington and Thomas Jefferson be defaced or toppled. They see that, and they hear a nonstop litany telling them how racist they are and how evil America is. 

And just about now, a great chasm is opening up. The choice, they see, is not so much between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It is between the America they love — that Donald Trump celebrates — and the out-of-control forces of anti-American hatred that, though he does not understand them, Joe Biden manages to blink and nod and gibber around. 

Everything that is happening between now and November 3 is about November 3. But the fundamental choice is not really Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It is civilization and America on one side, anarchy and woke tyranny on the other. The Democrats thought they could ride the tiger to victory. Instead, they will be consumed by the monster they created but could not control.






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