The Morning Rant

When your society conflates rapping with intellectualism, when your greatest icons throw a ball through a hoop or sing about casual sexual intercourse being the highest expression of humanity, and when you kill each other at astonishing rates, you get knuckle-dragging, booger-eating ignorant assholes like this:

TV host, rapper Nick Cannon propagates anti-Semitic conspiracy theories online

Regarding Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, he said “every time I’ve heard him speak, it’s positive, it’s powerful, it’s uplifting … for whatever reason, he’s been demonized.”

What astonishes me is the abject stupidity of the mainline Jewish community in America. Yes, in the 1960s Jews and Blacks were arm in arm, pushing against segregation. But that movement was rapidly co-opted by communist infiltration, and a split was created, either organically or by design.

There is no natural unity among Blacks and Jews, and it would behoove American Jews to wake up and realize that except for some traditional Black churches and their religious connection to Jews and Judaism, we are the enemy. The casual and accepted anti-Semitism among Blacks, as evidenced recently by DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson, and several others is simply a public articulation of a common belief.

That American Jewry has been blind to this for generations is a testament to our political naiveté and ignorance. Add to that a generous helping of guilt that we are far more successful, and we have the current conditions: Blacks see Jews as the poster children for White America, and heap vitriol and bile on us while we cringe and cower because we want to be loved by all.

Well, that’s not going to happen, so get over the guilt, get over the exaggerated desire to be the light of the world and start recognizing reality. Most of Black America is our political and cultural enemy.

But don’t take my word for it…just listen to what they have to say.