The Morning Rant

Do you want to read what’s coming if Gropin’ Joe Biden manages to totter into the Oval Office, drool cup in the hand of his wife and extra Depends ready in the bathroom? Because Victor Davis Hanson wrote a terrifying description of what we can expect, and it isn’t some fantasy plucked from the fervid imagination of a right-wing conspiracy theorist; it is based on some concrete examples like Cuba and Venezuela, and before those Maoist China and Stalinist Russia.

Will 2021 Be 1984? [link from Sefton’s Morning Report]

If Joe Biden is elected, the effort to remove him by those now supporting him will begin the day after the election and it will not be as crude as rounding up a Yale psychiatrist to testify to his dementia in Congress or shaming the White House physician to give him the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test in the manner that the Left went after Donald Trump. It will be far more insidious and successful: leaked stories to the New York Times and Washington Post from empathetic White House insiders will speak of how “heroically” Biden is fighting his inevitable decline—and how gamely he tries to marshal his progressive forces even as his faculties desert him. We would read about why Biden is a national treasure by sacrificing his health to get elected and then nobly bowing out as he realized the cost of his sacrifice on his person and family.

But that will just set the stage, as previously unimagined lunacy will become normalized. Good old Jew-Hate will be front-and-center. “Wealth taxes” in all of their glory will be trotted out to destroy the modern-day Kulaks, while the connected rich will protect themselves with official and unofficial contacts within government.

Apartheid and segregation will arrive as law, and success will be measured by radically different metrics; wokeness and connections to NGOs will dwarf actual skills.

Kiss the wall goodby. And with it American culture, as armies of the unwashed and uneducated pour over our borders and are favored, along with the ones already here, by law.

And that’s just a taste (read the article; it’s great)! Imagine what will happen to the military and our infrastructure and technological innovation and the simple freedom to jump into your car (begone! The Green Revolution is upon us!) and drive. Or go to the store and buy beef.

I and many others used to think that American Exceptionalism, coupled with the amazing drive and individualism of most of us, along with a pretty reasonable take on government power, would protect us from the occasional bad apple. Reagan followed Carter, and that was just grand! But Bush followed Clinton, and that didn’t work so well because the genesis of our current demise waited in the wings: Obama the figurehead…the puppet for those who would ruthlessly use class and race and success against us.

You know that road strewn with broken glass? Crawling over it to vote for President Trump is looking more and more attractive.