The Morning Rant

We fought a war to free ourselves from the tyranny of a monarchy, which is nothing more than a caste system. And what is that? There are some who are better…more important…more deserving…than others. And all based on birth, or titles granted by the existing high caste.

What a vile and disgusting idea that is! And it is antithetical to the political philosophy of the founders of our country, so why do we have the political equivalent of a monarchy in the United States?

Pelosi’s hair stylist kerfuffle is just business-as-usual, just that she got caught. De Blasio and his wife running in a park against all the Wuhan Flu rules. Politicians granting waivers to their favorite dancing monkeys to perform at their awards shows. Mayor Groot of Chicago using dozens of sorely needed cops to defend her own house.

The list goes on and on. Elected officials are the new royalty, and are immune to the very rules that they create to control the commoners. It’s too bad that the constitutional guarantee of a free press has been bastardized by the very people whose work it protects, otherwise some of those politicians might be held accountable for their actions. But they are defended and protected instead of being pilloried by a properly functioning 4th estate.

Instead of “afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted,” the media have become full-throated apologists for their favored politicians, and have abrogated what few responsibilities they have…just report the truth and follow it wherever it leads.

But divine right is an ethereal thing and did not protect the many royal families who were suddenly faced with commoners who saw their privilege as unacceptable, and their mismanagement as intolerable. Some were exiled, some forced to abdicate, and some were killed.

It remains to be seen whether the current American royalty will suffer as so many in the past have. We have a system that allows us to discard our politicians without bloodshed or strife, which protects all involved from the bloody methods of so many other countries both current and past. But if that system is no longer functional, no longer trusted, what is the next step?

2 comments to “The Morning Rant”
  1. What has always amazed me is the deference people pay to elected officials and yet when you meet them, better than 75% of them are actual idiots. Add into the fact that at almost every level of government save very small towns, these officials depend on staffers to tell them everything. And in Washington because these people essentially recycle staff amongst themselves it is the ultimate echo chamber.

  2. And apropos of the above, the mayor in Houston is starting a survey to understand the ‘rona in the city. His plan is to send teams of EMS paramedics and Health Department officials to random addresses in the city where residents will be asked to take a survey and, wait for it – give a blood sample. Voluntary of course but who in their right mind would give a Democrat mayor blood? The people at AOS were arguing this morning over whether Dr. Zhivago is a good movie or book (great book, very good movie) – but the story is coming to your city people.

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