The Morning Report 9/11/2020


Good morning, kids. Friday and 19 years ago today nothing would ever be the same again. Many things became crystal clear that day and among them the fact that the Democrat Party was no longer the loyal opposition but the opposition. Today, it is starkly evident that they’ve gone even beyond being the opposition. In point of fact, they are the enemy. The smoking wreckage of the Twin Towers juxtaposed side by side with that of Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Seattle and a dozen or so other urban areas are physically quite similar. In terms of how the wreckage was created, they are virtually identical. Two parallel totalitarian political ideologies, one dreamed up 1,500 years ago by a pedophile with delusions of deity who promised paradise in heaven if his followers created hell on earth, and the other some 1,300 years later by a filthy, self-loathing layabout and his wealthy mark that sought to create paradise on earth even if it killed everybody. Look at the flags, look at the symbols, listen to the rhetoric; if you squint your eyes and ears, they’re practically identical. And make no mistake; they are for the time being joined at the hip and working together to lay us low, forever.

What we are facing is as old as humanity itself; good versus evil. Admittedly, it’s an imperfect good. But make no mistake that the evil is 100% perfect. Always has been, always will be. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I wasn’t there and I mean no disrespect for the dead or even those who survived. But in a visceral sense, a part of me died that day. And over the years, especially the last four, things have come into much sharper focus. People you thought were friends and allies have revealed themselves as enemies, and the people you knew were enemies have devolved into mortal nemeses. This is not something I desired. And considering the legal, ethical and moral boundaries that the latter have completely disregarded in their lust for power, it is they who are solely accountable for the insanity of this past year and should, G-d forbid, we cross a point of no return come November, whatever follows after that.

Lastly, I will pause later to remember a classmate, Kathleen Moran, whose life was cut short at 42 because she just happened to have an 8:30 meeting at AON up on the 105th floor of the South Tower. * * * * * *

And the beat goes on, as…

  • Despite the fact that they were caused by a toxic mix of stupidity, insane government policy banning controlled burning and outright arson, the Democrat-Media Complex continues to blame “climate change” for the wildfires out west.
  • Another mostly peaceful act of terrorism as cops nail the subhuman thug who attempted to torch a GOP women’s club.
  • University of Rhode Island prof justifies and lauds the stalking and murder of an unarmed Trump/cop supporter in Portland.
  • Jamaican jerkoff Kamala Harris insists the rioting and mayhem must continue.
  • Hacks-in-black derail effort to clean up ballots in Texas and order Trump admin to count foreigners in the census. Time for the President to ignore the rogue judiciary and do his Constitutional duties unimpeded.
  • Trump with a raucous and huge rally in Michigan rips Biden a new one for selling out American jobs to China.
  • Democrats in lockstep kill Chinese Lung AIDS relief bill in the Senate, and it’s probably dead until after the new year now.
  • LA health apparatchik keeping schools closed until after the election. They’re not even hiding what this is all about now.
  • Farsis looking to fix elections for Biden.
  • Grandma Pelosi has a gran mal seizure. Again.
  • Another surprisingly good economic metric, while NYC circles the drain.
  • Just a reminder that Jeffrey Goldberg lied about Al Qaeda being linked to Iraq even as the WTC was still smoldering.
  • Netflix defends child-porn Cuties by calling it “social commentary against child porn,” which is sort of like calling methadone a cure for heroin addiction.
  • XiNN interviews the CEO and asks zero questions about it.
  • The NFL’s skin-suit is now maggot infested and rotting.

Lots of other stuff. Enjoy the weekend.

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