The Morning Rant

The Democrat party constantly accuses Republicans of being racist, jingoistic haters; driving America back to nativist sensibilities. Apparently the secret goal of everyone in America to the right of Alexandra Donkey-Chompers is some agrarian idyll in which everyone is lily White, Protestant, hunts wetbacks for sport, and hates everyone even slightly different.

And yet…the vitriol heaped upon anyone who deviates from the orthodoxy of the Democrat/Leftist platform is breathtaking in its vileness. And that orthodoxy includes aggressive atheism. So Amy Coney Barrett is now ground zero for the vileness because of her religiosity.

They have already suggested something untoward about her and her husband’s adoption of two children from Haiti; apparently it is impossible for the Left to understand that a family can have enough love to go around for more than the Democrat-mandated two children per household.

I have no idea whether Amy Coney Barrett adopted two children and had five more because of her Catholicism, or that she simply wanted lots of kids. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I think that anyone who is willing to adopt children is head and shoulders above many, and the extra difficulty inherent in adopting form another country speaks well of Barrett and her husband.

ACB vs. ‘Know-Nothing’ Democrats

The Democrats have essentially given up on blocking the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. This does not imply, however, that they will fail to turn her hearings into a nasty farce of smears of the nominee as an adherent to a voodoo-like religious devotion, and a passionate seeker of an America with no assisted healthcare and back-alley abortions. The strategy mirrors the malicious fiction then-Senators Joe Biden and Teddy Kennedy threw at Robert Bork in 1987. Barrett, like Bork, is obviously a person of outstanding character and intelligence with impeccable credentials as a law professor and judge. It will not be easy for Democrats to portray such an accomplished and attractive person and personality, who departed for Washington with her husband and family of seven in a minivan, as the slavering primitivist that is their preferred caricature.

This is nothing more than the Left’s hatred of religion, which is a direct competitor to their own psychotic replacement for God: the socialist/communist/progressive cult. But the additional target of Catholicism is too tempting for them to pass up, and it is simply a confirmation of their own hatred of anyone and anything that does not adhere to their mindless communitarian world view. They will trot out the tired idiocy of dual loyalties to America and the Vatican, and suggest that Barrett’s rejection of abortion (The Left’s sacrament) is proof of her loyalty to the Church.

By I refute that with my own rationale…I am not Catholic, and I am not particularly religious, yet the horror of abortion is clear to me, based on things other than religious philosophy.

Respect for human life is not expressly religious; respect for the life of an unborn child is not necessarily based on religious dogma. A logical defense of the assumption that life begins at conception can be entirely separate from any discussion of the soul or other religiously inspired argument.

But…I hope they attack her Catholicism. I hope they are vicious and cruel and vile when they talk about her children (adopted or natural…they are the same thing). I do not believe that America is so far gone that we will accept disgusting partisan attacks on this woman.

And yes, the last confirmation hearings suggest that I am wrong, but Amy Coney Barrett is a mother as well as a jurist, and that is a powerful and positive thing that maybe; just maybe will allow America to see, for a little while, what the Democrat/progressive mindset is.