The Morning Rant

The destruction of Western philosophy continues apace, as 2,500 years of intellectual progress is destroyed by the neo-luddites of postmodernism. Free markets, science, engineering; all rely on a ruthless system that punishes failure and rewards success. Destruction of standards, however benign-sounding and “fair” and “equitable” it may sound, will erode exactly what has created the greatest achievements of Man.

San Diego Public Schools Will Overhaul Its Grading System To Achieve ‘Anti-Racism’

The new approach—which is rather confusingly written—still includes letter grades, but these will reflect student’s “mastery” of the subject rather than their completion of homework, quizzes, and tests. What constitutes mastery is left unexplained. Grades “shall not be influenced by behavior or factors that directly measure students’ knowledge and skills in the content area,” which sounds like a recipe for highly subjective grading. And a great deal of leniency will now be given to students who don’t do the work for a course, including those who don’t show up at all: Attendance can no longer be a factor in grading.

Fast forward a generation; do you want one of these IQ-challenged truants to be designing your buildings or operating on your knee or flying your airplane?

When all are equal; when the only standard is existence, society will find a way to differentiate. Socialism does it quite ruthlessly, only instead of selecting for excellence they select for political reliability and slavish adherence to orthodoxy, and intellect be damned.

Look who rises to the top! Do you think Obama is an intellect? Or Biden or Harris or Clinton or Pelosi? No, but they were and are loyal to the cause, and that is how they got the San Diego public school equivalent of A+s.

This is the New Soviet Man writ small. In their terrifying visions of the future, these people see their socio-economic systems forming good little citizens, all conforming to the same world view, all made in a single mold; and if you don’t fit in that mold?

Gulags can be built again.