The Morning Rant

I am sick and tired of our current crop of politicians who obfuscate and triangulate and manipulate and bullshit and behave in all respects like psychopathic liars, because that’s what they are. And even worse, they exude the slime in which they have been immersed for their entire political careers…the evil, primordial ooze of inside-the-beltway and inside-the-state-houses. They have on them the stench of power brokers and lobbyists and corporate pay-offs and dirty backroom deals and all of the things we despise about government. President Trump is different. And not just a little bit different. Constitutionally different. he does not have the sleaze gene that seems to be required for success in American government. Is he a braggart? Sure! Just ask your fisherman friend how big his last catch was and you’ll get the same sort of behavior. But the President has tremendous domestic and foreign policy successes about which to brag. So I happily forgive him his hyperbole. Does he sometimes paint a rosy picture of the future? Yup! It’s called optimism. Bubbling, gleeful, happy optimism, and I absolutely love it! I want my president to be an unabashed cheerleader for America, Americans, and American Exceptionalism, and Donald Trump is exactly that. One thing he doesn’t do is lie. And unlike his predecessor, whose lies were carefully covered up by a compliant and fawning media, president Trump’s every utterance is fact-checked and pored over and deconstructed and parsed for the slightest flaws. He has comported himself well in spite of this constant barrage from the barking leftists at MSNBC and the WaPo and the execrable NYT. He has not lost his sense of humor and his love for America, and that says a lot about his psychological fortitude and outlook. Trump Still Wins the Personality Contest

Put aside all his outstanding policy accomplishments, both foreign and domestic, we actually love his personality. We love his humor. This will shock the sophistos. I mean, it is the height of sophistication to say, “Trump may have done good things policy-wise but—tut-tut—you have to look past his personality. Have you seen those tweets?” We thought it was hilarious when he invited the Russians to “find” Hillary’s 30,000 emails. We laughed out loud when he said, “Maybe I will run for a third term.” Or when he looked skyward and suggested he was the “chosen one” to deal with China. When he talks to 20,000 people, he holds them in the palm of his hand largely through humor—humor that his opponents almost certainly get, but they use against him nonetheless by pretending he was serious. Lesley Stahl did this schtick on the 60 Minutes interview when she asked him about begging suburban women to love him. Lesley, he was doing a bit.

So who would you rather invite into your home and sit down at the dinner table with? President Trump, his lovely and stunningly elegant wife and his young son (who seems to be rather normal), or his predecessor, with his haughty arrogance and his cold and nasty wife? Who would be more fun? Who would thank you for the meal? Who would bring a nice gift for his host? I can’t think of another politician I would rather have in my home. I will even forgive the president for being a teetotaler!