The Morning Rant

Vaccine research and creation is a very old, very mature science. Edward Jenner was the first…in 1796! And 100 years later some frog by the name of Pasteur discovered how to vaccinate against Rabies. Since then there has been an amazing cascade of research resulting in vaccines against some of the most awful scourges of infectious diseases…Tetanus, Polio, Influenza, Pertussis, Mumps, Measles, and on and on and on.

Those are significant diseases that have been almost eradicated or at least attenuated in the developed world. And with the discovery of various molecular biological tools to isolate and manipulate genetic material, the genomes of the pathogens can be used to create even more precise vaccines.

And they are safe. Amazingly, stunningly safe! Except in the minds of the terminally deluded anti-vaxxers who see the Illumniati and the Freemasons and the Zionist Occupation Government behind everything. Because the data are available to everyone who cares to look, and compared to any other sometimes lifesaving medications, vaccines are a walk in the park. Just look at the side effects of the stuff in your house! Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen are more dangerous than any vaccine. And the prescription stuff is worse!

But for some reason Wuhan Flu vaccine has become a lightning rod for anger at and frustration with corporate America, specifically big Pharma, no doubt, at least in part, because of their global reach and their connections to obviously globalist organizations.

But the development of these vaccines required many thousands of people across several different disciplines. Molecular biologists, chemists, chemical engineers, immunologists, and a dozen other specialties. Is it rational to assume some nefarious goal in service of a new world order that can be hidden from the public? Especially since there are several companies doing similar research and arriving at similar solutions?

Who Will Be the First to Get COVID-19 Vaccines?

How about me? I would happily be the first person in the general population to get a vaccine. I have already put my name on a list for a local study, but it seems to be wildly oversubscribed!

Pfizer to start pilot delivery program for its COVID-19 vaccine in four U.S. states

Because they have found that transportation requirements are more significant. And they want nothing left to chance.

Andrew Cuomo threatens Trump administration with lawsuit over vaccine distribution

Ah yes, Andrew Cuomo, the dumbest, most arrogant fascist in America wants NY state to do its own analysis of the vaccine, because their health apparatus is so very very skilled. Aren’t they the ones who recommended to the governor that Covid-19 patients be sent back into nursing homes, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths? Yup…Top Men!

But he also wants to distribute it via the incredibly inefficient state apparatus, rather than through private companies. You know, the places that manage to administer influenza vaccine every year with no issues. And why? because…uh…there are no pharmacies in Black and Brown neighborhoods, which is part of the Trump administration’s plan to kill minorities in America.

Or something like that.

I told you he was dumb.