The Morning Rant

The abject failure of the Republican Party (both the inside-the-beltway whore variety and even the more ideologically rational segments) to communicate its philosophical basis and its basic, readily acceptable platform is a travesty. How difficult would it be to hammer home a few simple points about the preservation of our republic through a robust and secure voting system?

We are a technologically advanced country; many — perhaps most — Americans conduct their financial transactions through a vast and complex system that is amazingly safe. Imagine if we had to tolerate a failure rate in our credit card and ATM and other banking systems that was even close to the catastrophe that is voting in America!


But for reasons that are opaque at best and stunningly vile at worst, our political representatives have accepted the status quo, which is so obviously tilted in favor of the Left, whose natural constituency is unfamiliar with the concept of freedom for the individual coupled with love of country, and very comfortable with communitarian approaches to government action. That’s fancy talk for “socialists.”

So if the challenges to the 2020 election fail, the primary function (really the only function) of the Republican Party and conservative organizations to its right is to educate the American people about the sanctity of the individual’s vote and how it is the foundation of everything we have built in this country.

The technical issues are trivial. Any bank or technology-dependent corporation can design a voting system that will eliminate all but the most dedicated and sophisticated cheating.

The challenge is to convince the American people that it is not an option. Is the Republican party up to the task?

One comment to “The Morning Rant”
  1. Fuck the gop
    Time for a new boss
    Remember the lesson of the tea party?
    Myself also

    I suggest

    Spew upon the progressive pantywaists

    Hose them down

    Hunt them down with dogs!

    We will SCHLONG their asses into next century

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