LBJ And His Foul Great Society Slithers Its Tentacles Into College Football

This is from the always intriguing Jason Whitlock, who clearly has no idea that he is violating every cultural norm of the Left by actually thinking for himself and rejecting the narrative that it is all Whitey’s fault. Commenter “Satrose” sent this to me yesterday and I read it with great interest.

I’m not so much interested in his supposition as it applies to college football, because the hyper-politicization of all sports has mostly turned me off (and obviously I am not alone, judging by the ratings), but I think it has broader societal implications.

Black Matriarchy Plays Significant Role In The Plight Of Black College Football Coaches

It’s easier for black coaches to lead teams filled with kids from nuclear families. Black kids from broken homes and/or with broken-father relationships struggle to submit to the leadership of black head coaches. They respond better when the ultimate authority is white or female.

Thank you Lyndon Baines Johnson! Destroying the Black nuclear family was a direct consequence of his savagely racist Great Society. Whether it was unintended is immaterial. The result of shifting Black America from growing independence and upward mobility to total dependence on government has destroyed the nuclear family, which curiously is highly correlated with financial and social success. Is it possible that Judeo-Christian philosophy is onto something?

But there’s more!

In an effort to connect with modern black athletes and win the approval of black matriarchal culture, all coaches are being forced to conceal their authentic beliefs. They all have to bow at the shrine of Black Lives Matter and express adoration for George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, etc.

Everyone knows it’s all bullshit. Do you think Nick Saban believes Michael Brown, who wrestled for control of a police officer’s gun, was the victim of racism or the victim of bad decision-making? Do you think Saban believes criminal suspects have the right to resist arrest?

It’s all a charade. The athletes know it. A white coach can shed a tear or two inside a team meeting and pacify his players.

But for black coaches, the charade is much more serious. Their burden of BLM proof must rise above a reasonable doubt. Team meeting tears are not enough. They must issue bold and provocative public statements to the media denouncing whatever BLM has told them to denounce. They must pretend they live in daily fear of being killed by police. They must invite Dr. Harry Edwards or a local race-baiting equivalent to speak to their teams.

As interesting as this is, I am unsure about the heightened scrutiny of Black coaches’ race-hustling bona fides. They are insulated from significant criticism by the media simply because of their standing in the racial/social hierarchy.

Regardless, the idea that the creation of a Black Matriarchy at the expense of the nuclear family helps to explain some troubling trends; how Blacks lag in almost every measure of societal success; employment first and foremost. There isn’t much difference between a Black coach and a Black boss.

Oh…there is one more point that will be sure to bring out the mob:

But the reality is that insecurity and self-hatred are bigger problems for black male athletes. You can see it in their attraction to the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM is a cry for white love and a white solution to black problems. BLM is a plea for a white daddy to save black culture. Ouch!