The Morning Rant

Ignoring the obvious joke, the problem with Miss Lindsey is that he is not loyal to his party and to his constituents. So he ignores the pesky little fact that he was elected based on his promises to act a certain way, and instead pretends to be some sort of noble statesman; doing what is best and most moral, in spite of the clear desires of his bosses…the people of the state of South Carolina.

The pomposity of the typical Republican politician is vast, and because the party itself is irreparably damaged there is no mechanism to force the issue, smack him down and demand that he remain loyal to his president. So he and many (most?) others are free to to pretend that they are independent thinkers and are not constrained by party politics. Of course any rational analysis would demonstrate that their pretense (McCainism writ small) is exactly the reason why they are no longer the majority in the Senate or the House.

Lindsey Graham is Trying Hard to Please Everyone, But is He Pleasing Anyone?

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is facing potential censure from the republican party in Aiken County, South Carolina because he didn’t object to the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania and Arizona on January 6.

Along with Graham, Senator Tim Scott is facing potential censure. Both men voted against the objections raised by Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO).

The county GOP is discussing the censure at its Thursday meeting, though nothing has been decided, Newsweek reports. Several local republican parties have recently passed motions of censure against elected officials.

Say what you will about the Democrats; they crack the whip early and with great gusto. The idea of being a maverickTM simply doesn’t occur to them. They play their roles, whether they are firebrand socialists or measured “moderates,” and they never deviate from the script.

Until the Republican party learns that lesson they will never have the success that their opponents’ have. And they will not learn that lesson because it means sublimating the individual into the party, and men like Graham and Romney are just too impressed with their own intellects and cleverness to work for a higher goal.

So censure votes and primary challenges are hopefully going to be more and more common, as the immense gulf between Republican elected officials and the voters who sent them to D.C. becomes more and more obvious. Eventually…hopefully…the pressure on them and the party will become too great and it will fracture, and one of those pieces will become the new voice for conservatives and America.

But I’m not holding my breath.