Gloves Off! This Is How It Is Done: Michael van der Veen Refuses To Accept The Media Narrative

The social compact demands a certain minimum level of courtesy and mutual respect, something that the media have not adhered to for a very long time. Unfortunately the dinosaurs of the Republican party continue to accept the abuse and lies of the media while pretending that all involved are playing by the antiquated rules of a bygone era.

One of the most refreshing aspects of President Trump’s presence on the national political stage was his understanding that the social compact goes both ways. A careful observer would discover that the President was polite and respectful to all…until the rules were violated. “Mean tweets” didn’t appear without provocation. Like it or not, the President was a fine counter-puncher!

So seeing the same behavior from one of his attorneys in the ridiculous farce of a fraud of a second shampeachment trial was refreshing, and hopefully a harbinger of things to come.

Michael van der Veen did not tolerate this newsreader’s slanting of the news, and in fact went on the offensive. It’s worth a watch, and you won’t even give YouTube any clicks!

We need more of this, both in the public sphere and in private. No longer can we afford the easy manipulation of reality in service of the progressive agenda. When earnest but ignorant 2nd cousin Tyler spouts nonsense about how wonderful socialism is, and uses the Scandinavian example as proof, overwhelm him with facts.

“A Scandinavian economist once said to Milton Friedman (American economist, 1976 Nobel Prize laureate in economics): ‘In Scandinavia, we have no poverty.’ Milton Friedman replied: ‘That’s interesting, because in America, among Scandinavians, we have no poverty, either.’”

We have reality on our side. Free markets have a stunning record of success at bringing wealth to everyone involved, not just the people at the top. Free speech and free people go hand in hand; and the control of speech is inextricably linked to totalitarianism. Corporate involvement in politics is a hallmark of fascism, and we need go no further than Nazi Germany for an example.

And if you don’t feel like validating Godwin’s Law, then just point out that denial of basic genetics, which is the current fashion among the left, yields the insulting ridiculousness of men beating the shit out of women in sporting events.

Just ask Tyler whether he wants his daughter to compete against her peers, or against some musclebound transgender freak who gets his kicks from thumping girls?

Regardless of the topic, confront the disinformation; don’t let them win the information war without a fight.