The Morning Rant

This is delightful on one level; any time the Democrats go after one of their own it is time for some popcorn and maybe even a pudding cup. But the reality is that this is just political theater. Sure, the New York State legislature is going to try to claw back some of the power that it ceded long ago to the executive branch, mostly because they see some temporary weakness because of the very public lying and possibly law-breaking of Cuomo and his administration.

But nothing substantive will come of this, mostly because the “crisis” has been over for months. So a few back benchers will get some sound bites and Cuomo will lash out and deny and lie and connive, and ultimately nothing will happen.

Because party loyalty is the only thing that matters. It is above loyalty to country, to state, to family. And that’s why they are successful.

NY Democrat lawmakers move to strip Gov Andrew Cuomo of emergency powers following report of federal probe

Democratic leaders of the New York State Senate are reportedly working to strip New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of his emergency powers in the aftermath of revelations about his handling of pandemic. Democratic and Republican lawmakers have been demanding answers since a top Cuomo aide admitted that the Governor’s administration hid data on senior deaths at nursing homes and long-term care facilities over fears of a Department of Justice investigation. During a press conference after the revelation, Cuomo denied the allegations.

Some functionary might take a fall, although I doubt it. There will be a hearing or two, some critical headlines in the NY Post, some ass-covering headlines in the NY Times, and then…poof. It will all be gone.

But it should have at least one salutary effect; we won’t have to hear about Andrew Cuomo as a presidential candidate. New York may enjoy giving him tongue baths, but the rest of the country finds him to be a greasy machine politician who has the stench of corruption about him, and that isn’t just the rotting bodies of his elderly victims.