The Morning Rant

When Jeff Sessions, the amiable coward, recused himself from the Special Counsel Investigation did anyone expect anything other than a hyper-partisan hack job? Robert Mueller was a political hatchet man, completely untethered to the rule of law, so a thundering condemnation of President Trump and a recommendation that charges be filed against him seemed to be baked into that cake.

But it was not to be…even Mueller couldn’t invent and obfuscate and massage and coerce evidence of…anything. So the frothing fury of the Democrat Media ComplexTM was confined to loud “Yeah..Buts!”

Fast forward to the next great show trial of a post-rule-of-law America, complete with hysterical comparisons and even more hysterical claims of a vast but obviously invisible right-wing army just waiting for its chance to declare itself and march on Washington.

Garland Will Make January 6 Investigation His Priority

The Oklahoma City bombing bears no comparison to what happened at the Capitol building on January 6. To suggest so not only is an historical false equivalence but a heartless diminution of the suffering and loss McVeigh and his co-conspirators, Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier, inflicted that day—a painful affront to the families left behind.

But during his confirmation hearing Monday, Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general, insisted the current political climate is worse than the divisive climate leading up to McVeigh’s mass murder nearly 26 years ago.

“We are facing a more dangerous period than we faced in Oklahoma City,” Garland told Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.). “From what I have seen . . . it looks like an extremely aggressive and perfectly appropriate beginning to an investigation all across the country in the same way our regional investigation was but many, many times more.”

He continued. “I can assure you this will be my first priority and my first briefing.”

This is the ultimate masturbatory fantasy of the Deep State; a far-ranging investigation that will tar its enemies with the brush of fanaticism and violence. Its primary target is of course President Trump, but their witch hunt was never just about him. Its purpose is to drive from the public square any figure that still clings to those quaint notions of freedom and liberty and autonomy upon which American Exceptionalism is based.

But there was no smoking gun in the Russia Investigation, and in fact there was no gun at all. And from a dispassionate examination of the events of January 6th, one can make a rational argument that contrary to the breathless claims of the Democrat Media Complex, almost no violence was done except to the egos of the self-proclaimed royalty of our legislative branch. Far from being an insurrection, it was mostly a big crowd, possibly egged on by provocateurs from the Far Left, who walked unimpeded into a building that they own!

And the only violence was the murder of one of the protesters by a yet-to-be-named agent of the state.

Is this the stuff from which successful witch hunts investigations are made? I’m not so sure.