The Morning Rant

Anti-Judaism…anti-Semitic…they are distinctions without a difference, and taking seriously the academic parsing leads inexorably to arguments like, “I’m not an anti-Semite, I am an anti-Zionist!” Just take a look at the UN, which is second to none in its Jew-hate!

In 2017, 21 of 27 UNGA condemnatory country-specific resolutions (or 78%) exclusively targeted Israel. There was one resolution each on Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea, Myanmar, and the U.S., for its embargo on Cuba.

Sure. You just hate Jews in Israel, but the ones in America are fine.

Jew-Hatred’s Many Strains

The historical truth is that one cannot make a distinction between anti-Judaism (meaning anti-Jewish) and anti-Semitism. The bias embedded in anti-Semitism is rooted in anti-Judaism. Anti-Semitism has multiple strains. Religious and cultural hatred of Jews goes back to Greek and Roman times. Racial anti-Semitism became the new strain in the 18th century. History is filled with a variety of anti-Jewish forms of hatred.

Yes, granted there are various forms of anti-Semitism, but so what? So you hate me and want to kill me because you think I killed Jesus or I took some camel-jockey’s land or I have a hook nose or I lent your ancestors money or I don’t go to church or….

It still means the same thing, and creating a hierarchy simply gives some people cover for their particular strian. The bien-pensents on the Upper West Side and Berkeley and the Labor Party and Norway and yes, the Democrats love to parse their Jew-hate. And it is long past the time when we do not allow it. So Israelis should be driven into the sea, but it’s just A-Ok for a few pet Jews to live on West End Avenue?

Sorry, but that won’t fly. And rest assured, they do it with others. Just look at the vitriol poured on Evangelical Christians and Catholics who are pro-life. But they like the other ones…promise!