Feelings Over Facts Have Helped Get Us Where We Are Today

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”

— Richard P. Feynman

Sitting around a dorm room, getting high with your friends and solving the ills of the world is something that most of us have left behind. But the dangerous nonsense coming from the Democrat party seems like a slightly more grown-up version of that, complete with hazy thinking, light on a grasp on reality and heavy on wishcasting.

But it is exactly the real-world experience that is so lacking, and so easily dismissed by what we can accurately call our elites. At least a few generations ago some of them had fought in wars and built houses and had some knowledge of the real America. Now? We are left with college students who are so immersed in the myopia of the academy that they do not know what socialism or capitalism are. All they know are the feelings about them that passes for scholarship.

Can You Define Socialism?

Listen to their responses! it is amazing that they have no basis other than the effects of the political system. “Sharing.” “Equality.” Feelings! “Sharing.” “Equality.” Feelings! Of course that is the wildly successful approach that the hard Left, via its long march through our institutions has used to dumb down our youth. Of course sharing is better than not sharing. And who doesn’t support equality?

But the devil is in the details and facts and pesky things called concentration camps and labor camps and gulags and the destruction of free will.

“I feel” has become a clear signal that the next words are going to be at best stupid, and at worst very dangerous. Data. Facts. Experience. They take more work than feeling your way through the world, navigating by what “feels” good. But the result is Western Culture…3,000 years of rigorous devotion to the way we understand the world. It has led to unbelievable advances in everything, but those physicists and chemists and engineers and biologists didn’t feel like their ideas were valid…they proved them.