The Morning Rant

Cradle-To-Grave socialism…it’s all the rage!

What did these idiots expect…some huge federal bailout of their little factory? Unicorns and Universal Basic Income and a chicken in every pot?

Actions have consequences, and the union got exactly what it deserved. I hope the local folds, and while I have a tiny amount of sympathy for the rank and file, they could have figured this one out had they paid some small amount of attention.

A union’s support of Biden does little to save members’ jobs in Pennsylvania

In 2018, Appvion was sold to a private equity group. Now, they have decided to sell off their carbonless paper business to another corporation. Calls to Appvion’s management, based in Appleton, Wisc., were not returned, but in its official statement, the company blamed the plant’s closure on restrictions caused by COVID-19. Locals claim that’s just the half of it. They also speculate that inevitable climate change demands from the Biden administration would have forced Appvion to make costly upgrades, like when the plant underwent an expensive retrofit so it could meet new emissions standards set by the Obama administration. With Biden pledging to make environmental justice an integral part of every aspect of his administration, many believe Appvion saw the writing on the wall — and decided to bail.

And here is the union president’s response!

Becker remains a staunch supporter of Biden and said he’d love to see the president come here and talk to his union brothers and sisters.

Because talk from a stumbling dementia patient is always as good as a job and regular paychecks. What does he expect Biden to say? “Learn to code?” Or announce some huge boondoggle of a clean energy initiative that will fizzle out without a single job being created? The reality will be at best an extension of unemployment insurance payments so their slide into poverty will be slowed a bit.

The union president probably has a thoroughly corrupt but ironclad pension, so he will be just fine. His members will not be, and maybe if the country casts off the lunacy of the Democrat/Socialist junta that is running the place, they will remember, and act accordingly.

But I doubt it.

I am philosophically opposed to unions, but they can function quite well (meaning thy do minimal damage) in a vibrant economy, and the Trump economy was indeed vibrant, with the added benefit of a president who was actively involved in returning jobs to America from the offshoring debacles of his predecessors.

The current pretenders in the White House are in the process of raising energy prices, increasing restrictions on current and future manufacturing, and flooding the country with cheap, unskilled labor. In what way does this benefit the typical union member in America?