The Morning Rant

If you think that we are unique in our political dysfunction, Israel says, “Hold My Beer!” And they have the added insult of American pressure groups weighing in on their elections even before the vote count is complete.

And what are those pressure groups? The obvious Leftist, anti-religion, Jewish-in-name-only groups that never saw a religious Jew they didn’t mock, but also the sometimes reliable AIPAC

US Democratic pro-Israel group ‘appalled’ by Kahanist faction’s entry to Knesset

“Kahanist” means in their warped world-view any Jew who believes that the survival of Jews and the state of Israel is of paramount importance, and that all other groups are secondary, including Arabs in Israel. It’s a pejorative, and you can safely replace it with “Nazi.”

Except…Meir Kahane has been demonized to a ridiculous extent because of his anti-communism and his unqualified support for a vigorous and if necessary violent defense of Jews all over the world. And that included advocating for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel. For his beliefs he was (to use a modern word) deplatformed by both America and Israel (and even the UK), thrown into jail many times, and ultimately assassinated by…you guessed it…an Arab!

A pair of left-leaning Jewish groups in the US expressed dismay on Wednesday at the all-but-certain entry into the Knesset of Kahanist and anti-LGBT candidates from the far-right Religious Zionism party. Pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, meanwhile, said it would maintain a boycott of Religious Zionism’s Otzma Yehudit faction.

Oh no! A religious party that is anti-homosexual! We can’t have that! Of course the leftists are fully on board, but also AIPAC! Because, as Ace as pointed out many times, the elitist conservatives are socially liberal and have no issue with the degradation of religious beliefs about sex and marriage.

The Democratic Majority for Israel, which was founded in 2019 to shore up support for the Jewish state in the Democratic Party, was the first major US group to condemn the development, not even waiting for the final results to come in.

Typical leftist behavior; there is no surprise here.

But the double standard, or should I call it a profoundly anti-Semitic, anti-religious, anti-freedom stance, is pretty impressive. They loudly reject a religious and nationalist view, but carefully dance around another small party that..Surprise! Wants to kill the Jews. Not just eject them from their homeland of 3,000 years…but actually kill them all. And then us, but that is further into the future.

The DMFI statement also noted that the the Ra’am party, “based on Islamist ideology, may determine who leads the country’s next government.”

They “noted” that an Islamist party may become quite powerful in Israel, but they don’t reject them out of hand? Even though their policies are far more violent, far more “reprehensible,” far more “racist” than anything that has ever come out of the right wing religious parties.

The grift is so all-encompassing that even a so-called Jewish” organization is unwilling to reject a political philosophy specifically designed to destroy the Jewish people. They get their cash from the other secular Jews in America who have no connection to Israel and even less of one to Judaism.

Eating corned beef on rye and pretending to fast on Yom Kippur doesn’t make you a Jew. If you don’t support the existence of the state of Israel and the continued safety and success of the Jewish people, it makes you a fraud and a hypocrite.