The Morning Rant

Voting against self-interest is a rara avis, so why should we be surprised when people don’t act against self-interest? The lovely and romantic and unfortunately naive supposition that the majority of the rank-and-file cops is secretly on our side is just that…a pipe dream. They are on the side of their paychecks, and that means they will do what their government masters tell them to do.

And if those orders include allowing rioters to loot your business…so be it! And if those orders include allowing Antifa to beat your head to a pulp, but arrest you if you draw your weapon? 


Police unions may occasionally make pleasing noises, but their income is derived 100% from municipal coffers, and pleasing the mayors and city councils who control them is more important than those pesky laws and rights that we hold so dear. Add in the insanity of charging cops for perfectly acceptable behavior because of woke politics, and it is perfectly understandable that most cops will do what they are told and not a single thing more. Do the job as defined by the politicians, get the pension, and get the hell out.

No, there is no, “on the other hand…” Law enforcement in the United States is, at best, neutral toward law abiding citizens, and they are absolutely on the side of the rioters. There have been too many examples of this to assume otherwise. Do the cops actually approve of the riots? No, I doubt it, but they certainly approve of a regular paycheck and job security, so why rock the boat?

And this is why I believe that any response from the Right will not be focused on leftist demonstrations and rioting, where there are two independent adversaries (the cops and the rioters) but rather afterward when they go home to mom’s basement…

That is not advocacy; that is an obvious analysis of the possibilities. Who in their right minds would go toe-to-toe with both the cops and Antifa in a running street battle? It makes no sense. But lone-wolf attacks on individuals who are identified as participants or supporters of this civil unrest? That’s a page out of many revolutions, and it works.

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  1. Thank You for having the testicular fortitude posting this up the other day CBD. We’re going to be on the other side of the “law” whether we like it or not here pretty soon anyways.

    I’m glad it made some uncomfortable.

  2. A plea for a group effort. The left loves mass immigration to swell the ranks of their voting base. What they seem to detest is people of faith. What I’d like to see from the Right is serious promotion and encouragement for the admission of all of new arrivals at our southern border. Hispanics are almost entirely Catholic and have much lower abortions rates. Couple these facts with the demographic displacement of existing low wage earners (Black youths) and we may find a successful strategy to counter the left. They hate Christians and love abortion.since I don’t use the InstaSnapTweetGram, I’m hoping you and your compatriots can get this trending. Don’t forget to refer to the illegal immigrants as Latinx and POC’s.
    IE: Yay, another 300,000 Latinx Christians destined to reject abortions on demand! Please organize more Latinx caravans and we can guarantee Black youth employment reaches an all-time low.
    Post in a way that minimizes obvious sarcasm. When a movement promotes the Let’s agenda and acknowledges facts they detest, their baby-brained heads might explode.

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