The Morning Rant

Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.
Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.

— Heinrich Heine

It is the degradation of the sanctity and value of life, and it is one of the most powerful tools in the totalitarian playbook. They start with the unborn, who are the most innocent and the most vulnerable. Then they move on to the old and the infirm. Andrew Cuomo showed us the way by killing thousands of the elderly in their nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

But they have been itching to kill the mentally ill for some time. Just look at what they did to them by closing the mental institutions! How many thousands of them have died on the streets since the 1970s? But as usual, Europe leads the way when it comes to genocide, but this time they are channeling a particularly vile brand of utilitarianism…kill the crazies, but let’s harvest their organs too!
Euthanizing The Mentally Ill

Belgium and the Netherlands legally permit euthanasia based on mental illness alone. Meanwhile, Canada’s Parliament just legalized lethal jabs of the mentally ill after a waiting period to permit bureaucratic death protocols to be worked out. This is particularly worrisome for the United States as Canada is our closest cultural cousin.

And here’s an insidious twist: Euthanasia for mental illnesses has become conjoined with organ donation in both the Netherlands and Belgium, Such kill-and-harvest procedures have even been written up approvingly—or, at least without criticism—in notable international organ transplant medical journals.

This is Hitler’s death camps writ small. But they are following exactly the path that Hitler and his willing executioners followed in the 1930s…starting with the least desirable…the least visible…the ones who wouldn’t really be missed.

Make society inured to the murder of the unborn and the old and the mentally ill, and the next step is oh so easy.

Define conservatism as a mental disorder, and we are off to the camps. And lest the naive among us believe that the medical profession would never do that, let me direct your attention to the conspicuous absence of certain kinds of body dysmorphia in the lists of mental disorders. Oh, I’m not talking about anorexia, which is appropriately considered a significant psychiatric issue. Look at the insanity of transgenderism being celebrated rather than treated as mental illness.

So we can’t look to medicine to protect us from that particular lunacy; in fact many in the medical establishment have embraced it.

I wonder how they will justify strapping a few schizophrenics down on an operating table, pumping them full of death-dealing chemicals, then cutting their organs out to satisfy the demand for kidneys and hearts in the transplant market?