The Morning Rant

Every time I think that the Republican party has reached Peak Impotence, they come out with a startlingly dumb and feckless statement that reaffirms my conviction that the party as currently constructed is beyond saving, and is a significant impediment to any serious plan to save America from the Democrat/Progressive machine.

GOP: If We Win Back House, We’ll Restart Border Wall Construction

House Conference Committee Chairwoman Liz Cheney said at the Republican issues retreat in Orlando that “I think we need to look at every possible tool” to secure the southern border. “That includes the wall, and it includes technology and being able to move again toward agreements where people who are seeking asylum stay in Mexico,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Shut your whore mouth. Your faux tough-gal affectation doesn’t work. Had you been half this combative during President Trump’s time in office we wouldn’t have a problem on the border…we would have a few thousand miles of big. beautiful wall.

Lizzy, if you think that you can cultivate any conservative support with this nonsense you are sadly mistaken. You have irredeemably stained yourself, and no amount of blather from you and your castrati partners in congress will fool us again.

And just for curiosity’s sake; how are you going to compel the administration to resume work on the wall? Have you never read the Constitution? Do you have any self awareness that your words are ridiculous?

And if the Republican party retakes the House of Representatives, don’t be fooled that it is because of your brave stances against the fascists in the administration. It will be purely a function of how shitty they actually are, and in spite of the sad realization among the American people that the Republican party…and you…suck.

One comment to “The Morning Rant”
  1. If on the other side of a field I saw an evil, hated, enemy combatant speaking with a traitor, and I only had one bullet, there would be one evil, hated, enemy combatant running away from the body with a bullet hole through it.

    The Dem enemy facing us is certainly evil. Yet I often find myself angrier at the GOP enemy feigning alliance with The People while undermining and stabbing us in the back.

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