The Weakness Of The EU Is Nowhere More Obvious Than In Their Dealings With The Muslim World

During the cold war there were reliably stupid pronouncements emerging from Europe almost daily about how America was a war-mongering danger to the world and we should all just disarm and the unicorns would come out of hiding and all would be peaceful and beautiful.

But it was pretty obvious that those doing the blathering were Soviet fellow travelers or even active agents of the KGB, so there was an understandable reason for their idiocy.

What’s this moron’s excuse?

European Union to Re-Establish a Diplomatic Presence in Taliban-Run Afghanistan

On Friday, the Foreign Affairs and Security Policy representative for the EU, Josep Borrell, said that the decision to forge a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan should not be understood as diplomatically recognising the Islamist Taliban as the government of the country, somehow. Borrell claimed that engagement with the Taliban will be dependent on the Islamist group preventing Afghanistan once again becoming an exporter of terrorism abroad, respecting the rule of law, human rights, and a free press. He also called on the Islamists to form an “inclusive” transitional government, to allow humanitarian aid workers to operate freely in the country, and to ensure the safety of foreign nationals attempting to flee the country.

Why not call for the Taliban to build a large Catholic church and a large synagogue next to the parliament building?

This is simply talk for the sake of talk. It means nothing, is embarrassingly naive, and degrades the already low opinion of the EU that the Taliban have. It is a classic example of Churchill’s definition: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” It’s message to the Taliban is that the EU is not a serious organization and can be safely ignored.

The only message that the Taliban understand is strength. Had NATO and America announced that Kabul was off limits until all Westerners and their friends who wanted to leave were safely out of the country, and that any violation would result in a full scale counter-attack using every means at their disposal, the evacuation would have been successful and uneventful.

And now that the West has exposed its weak and soft underbelly to these 8th century savages, it spouts post-modern bullshit that makes the Taliban laugh…if they even know what the hell it means.

Trying to counteract Chinese influence in Afghanistan by promoting the most feminine and soft attributes of Western society is a recipe for failure. Whether the EU understands this is moot…it is embedded in their psyche and they simply do not understand how power is wielded on the world stage, and how strength is projected.

Europe is very lucky that Poland and Hungary (and a few other Eastern European countries) are comfortable defending their cultures and are quite willing to back that up with military force, otherwise Turkey or Russia would be rolling into Paris and demanding that the French pay reparations for all of the stale croissants they sell to their troops.

Although…they might want to start worrying about Algeria and Morocco…they could chug through Spain in about 10 days…