The Morning Rant

He’s dumb. He’s nasty. He’s inarticulate. He’s a liar. And now he is in the middle stages of dementia.

But none of this is new, except maybe the senility. Joe Biden has always been a dim bulb, whose accomplishments as a senator were conspicuously thin, but whose self-aggrandizement has always been impressive.

Clearly the good people of Delaware are hilariously ignorant and detached from the political process, and just vote reflexively, because they have been represented in the Senate by a man who has never had an original thought, steals every pithy comment he has ever uttered, and is a serial liar even when those lies get him nothing of benefit.

Biden is what we think he is, and has been…forever.

So the question is: Why has Joe Biden been so successful in politics? Occam says that when he was bought, he stayed bought. What other rational explanation is there for this pathetically mediocre intellect to have remained in national politics for 50 years? Of course we have legions of inferior minds in our national government, but Biden is more than just stupid! He stands out for being among the dumbest, the least honest, the nastiest and the least effective of both our elected officials and their counterparts in the deep state.

When Barack Obama — no intellectual titan himself — notices that Biden is a total fvck-up, he must really be an idiot. Unfortunately for America he has fallen into a rather important job, in which his vast and all-encompassing flaws and shortcomings are in full view. I wonder whether his owners are pleased or frustrated?