The Morning Rant

I like Jamie Dimon. I think he is an excellent bank CEO* who has probably been a net positive for the economy.

But his bank is rushing headlong into “Woke” insanity, and is busily mandating the Biden junta’s vaccine mandates. And worst of all, he is spectacularly tone-deaf when it comes to his political comments.

Here he takes a shot at President Trump while cloaking himself in the protective mantle of family…in this case one of his daughters AND MLK! That’s ballsy.

JPM CEO cites MLK to explain advising Trump to daughter

“We believe in human rights. We believe in free enterprise. We believe in the capitalist system. That’s all counter to China,” he said, when asked about China’s treatment of its Uyghurs population being called genocide by the US, and why he hasn’t spoken specifically about that or lobbied China’s government for change.

“The government needs to do that,” he said. “I could do whatever I want … I’m not going to do whatever I want without my board when it’s something like that, but we believe in human rights, we don’t believe in genocide or anything like that. But for me to like gratuitously make public statements I think is a mistake.”

Ah…I see! Criticizing President Trump for comments that he made that were carefully edited by the mainstream media for maximum shock value is perfectly okay, but criticizing the Chinese government for forced organ donations and the genocide of an ethnic group within China is beyond the pale?

Apparently criticism of political rhetoric is just part of his job, but calling out genocide is best left to…uh…who?

This is of course transparent nonsense, because his company does a huge amount of business with China and all Dimon is doing is protecting the bottom line. It’s particularly disgusting because he is also placating the frothing-at-the-mouth NeverTrump lunatics who care more about Mean TweetsTM than actual mass murder.

This is a perfect example of Ace’s COrPorAtIOnS ArE YOuR FrIEnDS. Dimon would rather pretend that China is a neutral player on the world’s stage so as to protect his huge fortune and his company’s connections in the Chinese economic house of cards than call them out for their genocide. That is intellectually and morally dishonest, and does a a disservice to the very people for whom he claims to fight.

*Full disclosure: I own JPM stock.