The Morning Rant

As if we needed any more examples of the Biden junta’s catastrophic approach to foreign policy (and everything else), their plans for dealing with the apocalyptic lunatics in Tehran seem to be letting them do what they like and then perhaps fire off a sternly worded letter tot he United Nations once Iran nukes Israel. After all, there are many highly placed people in the administration with clear and unambiguous track records of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism (they are the same thing).

Israel still fears US approach to Iran

“Yes, the talks were good, the atmosphere was very friendly and open, the messages were conveyed, but in terms of substance, the situation is bad. Perhaps even very bad,” he said. “Right now, there is no joint operational contingency plan against Iran should efforts to return to the nuclear agreement fail. And even worse, the Americans do not have any solution whatsoever to such a situation. They do not have a Plan B. They do not have alternatives and what is truly troubling is that they are not really concerned about it. They see events in a completely different way than we do. It’s their right, of course, but it is of great concern to us.

Luckily Israel takes existential threats rather more seriously than the feckless fools in the White House. What really makes the entire situation so unbelievably pathetic and stupid is that if they only paid attention to the actual statements coming out of the mullah’s mouths they would realize that the goal is the destruction of “Little Satan,” (Israel) first, and then the “Great Satan,” (America) next.

President Trump made it abundantly clear that Iran’s maniacal drive to destroy Israel and then America was incompatible with modern society, and he reinstated significant sanctions. But equally important he made it clear to Israel that they could act in their own defense, both proactively by degrading Iran’s nuclear research and by attacking Iran’s expansionist tendencies in Syria and Lebanon. This sent the clear message that America was supporting the only democracy in the region, and that the 7th century esthetic that the mullahs prefer was not acceptable export.

But now we have an administration that has never gotten over the inconvenient fact that Hitler didn’t finish the job, and their actions seem designed to beat best passive players, and at worst active participants in the destruction of Israel.

Of course Israel has other plans, and that includes targeting Iranian scientists and engineers, hacking the programs’ computer systems, constantly improving Israel’s anti-missile technology, and of course continuing its careful campaign of denial of its own nuclear capability, so that the Arab world understands exactly what will happen if Iran succeeds in building nuclear weapons and attempts to use them. And most of the Arab world is happy to turn a blind eye toward Israel’s self defense and would rather have a cold peace with Israel than a regional war, complete with nuclear exchanges.