The Morning Rant

This isn’t about Biden, because he’s a senile old fool and probably forgot what he had just been told by his handlers.

And this isn’t about the vomit-inducing obsequiousness of the servant class desperately trying to curry favor with the elites of D.C. and other leftist big cities. God forbid they would actually enforce their own rules equally!

No…this is about our vile fourth estate and their disgusting willingness to violate every honorable tenet of their “profession” by protecting their favored politicians. I would say whoring for them, but whores understand economics!

Biden caught maskless inside upscale DC restaurant in violation of indoor mask mandate

Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants, which owns the upscale Italian coastal cuisine restaurant in Georgetown as well as numerous other restaurants, states on their own website that masks are required to be worn at all times within the establishment when not eating or drinking.

When greeted by reporters and the public outside, Biden was met with cheers and a sole question of “How was dinner, Mr. President?”

No reporters questioned his lack of masking.

What happened to “Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted?”

Imagine a different president in the same situation. The vicious barking seals of the media would have screamed spittle-flecked, aggressive accusations as President Trump walked into the restaurant and would have hammered him for weeks, putting the video on never-ending loops during every CCP Flu report of the grim milestones of death, with lurid insinuations that President Trump was personally responsible for those deaths because of his reckless behavior.

They are partisan scum, without integrity, without honor, without honesty, and worst of all they suck at their jobs. And the American people know it, according to polling.

Imagine an entire industry with clearly defined objectives and methods, filled with workers who cheerfully ignore those goals and instead inject their personal biases and animosities into their work. Then add financial incentives to be even worse at their jobs, and you will have a vague picture of the American media. It’s actually worse, because the overall financial success of most players in the industry is limited by the absolutely awful job their workers are doing.

As alternative media expands (Hi Ace!), the traditional media companies will pursue a smaller slice of the information pie and put more of their content behind paywalls. Eventually the legacy media will be almost entirely opaque to most Americans, and it’s hard to see a downside to that.